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You mean a Einstein-Rosen bridge (or is it Rosenberg?)?


So far, no one knows, except that it take something like some sort of exotic matter, which does not seem to exist. As soon as the wormhole opened, if it could open, then it would shut, because of the forces present, and the wormhole would be very hard to open and keep open, even if anyone could some other way!


Some people still thinking about it!



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Please note that the geneses of a worm hole, may be brought about by both natural phenomena well as man made?


Time and space is a division of set and varying frequencies.


So from any starting point, lets say A. to an outlet point, we'll say B. there is a tunnel, compnaused of a certain frequency, which open any route, from these selected points.


This process may be referred to as quantum gross tunneling, however the nature of worm holes, is that they convey an access point, from one locale to another.


The process of white holes, which is a redistribution device out of said black holes, is a fractional moment allowance from any point to any other point within the universe.


Worm holes, are thought to be a more of a longer term phenomenon, which occur for both aforementioned reasons.



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r wormholes abel to be created yet?

By scientists on Earth, in particle accelerators or the like? No.

There are several impediments to the creation of Einstein-Rosen bridges, the most basic of which relates to the energy required to spark one in the first place. Basically, a wormhole is a tube of distorted space-time connecting two black holes. Before you can create a wormhole, you first have to be able to create a black hole. No particle accelerator built so far is capable of sustaining energies sufficient to manufacture a singularity. Just this past week, scientists managed unequivocally to demolish matter into its constituent quarks and gluons, and that experiment pushed the limits of the facility. To create a black hole would require even greater energy.


The second concern relates to keeping the throat of the wormhole open. Normally, when matter enters a black hole, it falls straight toward the singularity at the center and is crushed into zero volume. So to traverse a wormhole, one would need to avoid the singularity and come out the other "side", in a four-dimensional sense. The problem is, any structure one could devise to hold a black hole open would need to be composed of baryonic matter, and would be instantly consumed by the hole itself.


The solution generally agreed upon as necessary is an ingredient known, vaguely, as "exotic matter". This is matter which possesses negative mass, negative energy, and negative gravity. No one has ever observed such matter, and it probably doesn't exist anywhere in our universe. If you were to thread the throat of a wormhole with enough exotic matter, the antigravitational forces would, theoretically anyway, open up the throat and allow a traveller to bypass the singularity. However, for obvious reasons, no such feat of engineering has been attempted.


Truth be told, TimeTraveler23, there's almost no chance that any of us will live to see a black hole, let alone a wormhole, created by human engineers. Most likely, only a space-faring civilization inhabiting multiple solar systems would have access to adequate resources. Give us a few thousand years, if we don't blow ourselves up in the mean time, and you might see some success. Maybe think about investing in cryogenics? :)



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Hiya Iq:


Truth be told, TimeTraveler23, there's almost no chance that any of us will live to see a black hole, let alone a wormhole, created by human engineers.

There is one exception that might have slipped your mind, and that is: What if we actually live INSIDE the throat of a black hole/worm hole? That is a possibility that we cannot yet discount, as we have not yet been able to view our universe from "outside". I've often thought it would be interesting if, with all this talk of black holes, that we found out we are actually living inside one (would explain the ability of energy to coalesce into dense matter).RMT
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What if we actually live INSIDE the throat of a black hole/worm hole?

I believe that we wouldn't have to fall back on viewing the universe from a God's-eye POV to determine whether we live inside the event horizon of a black hole.

We need to have fairly accurate numbers for three things to plug & chug.


We have a fairly good estimate of the diameter of the universe...30-40 billion LY.


We are getting somewhat close to having a reasonable estimate of the mass of the universe.


We have to be sure that the gravitational constant is indeed universal.


With those three numbers we can plug the values into Schwarzschild's static black hole solution to see if we are living in a BH.


I don't think that we can determine the angular momentum of the universe (but it should be close to - if not exactly - zero.


If conservation of charge is valid then the net charge of the universe is also zero.


If there is no net charge or angular momentum then Schwarzschild would give us a precise answer without having to refer to Kerr, Kerr-Newman, etc. That would also mean that we wouldn't have a universal wormhole. (But it still leaves the possibility - probability - of local wormholes.)


Difficult to resolve? Sure...but it isn't impossible.



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In theory you don't "build" a wormhole. If you have a spinning (and preferably charged and spinning...Kerr-Newman) black hole it should have a wormhole associated with it.


If you want to be able to traverse the wormhole the theories say you have a problem. Any mass-energy that falls into the worm hole causes it to collapse.


When Carl Sagan was writing "Contact" he contacted Kip Thorne and asked him how to build a proper time machine using a worm hole. Thorne took the question seriously and, together with his grad students, they pondered the question. From that they developed a theory of "exotic matter."


This specific "exotic matter" has the property of anti-gravity. If you line the throat of the wormhole with exotic matter it "pushes" against the collapse and keeps the hole open.


Problem 1: So far there is no evidence that exotic matter exists or can be artificially made.


Problem 2: If you had exotic matter how do you line the interior of the hole with the stuff? (Another problem for Rainman's engineers. ;) )


BTW: Trust me, the above explanations of "exotic matter" are crude and simplistic...at best. I don't believe that Thorne or Visser would say that exoric matter really is exibiting anti-gravity. They would classify it as having a negative energy density. Even the use of "a theory" of exotic matter is very imprecise. It's not a theory in the sense of General Relativity. It is missing a "few" pieces. :)


PS: Well, this should teach me (again) to read the entire thread first. Iq already covered this subject.



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Also i think people have it in their heads that a wormhole will be visible.


They will most likely be used in many applications. Perhaps even at a sub sub-quantum level in the brain and nervous system. A wormhole may be non detectable due to its infinitesmal size.


How small can a wormhole go?


....how small can you imagine a wormhole?


Kind regards,





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Very good Olly, refer to FATE Mag, section in reference, black holes within the mind, also found in UFO Universe, a Charolette Publications magazine.


See sections of mini black holes, being formed, in the terra of the pia structures as a voltaic per problematic per chance numbers of sets occurrences.


So they might not form black hole like structures all of the time.


Very very good!



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It's not the science of wormhole formation that is the problem, we know how to make them. We just cannot fathom how the heck we can keep a wormhole open for even a nanosecond, even if the size of the hole was just enough to send a data packet through! The amount of energy required would of course depend on where you wished to send the wormhole, but we do not have the energy required to do such a thing at present, not even with the whole worlds energy, put into this nanosecond micron thick wormhole enough for data to travel through.


I think we calculated how we could get the energy to do so, but I didn't think many were willing to blow up the sun.



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