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Wall walking


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Walked up to a wall and said "hi".


~He said that he has seen many pass and few stop.


I ask why(?).


~None see me, he says.


How is that?


~I am here, but not, said he.




~This is all,but a dream to me. For I have seen all, and heard all.


Are you God?


~No, I am Wall. One of 6 in this box.


One of six? Am I on the inside or the Outside?


-yes, one of six. You are inside my dream. Inside me. You are the light in me.


?what? What is on the outside?


-You, in Darkness. Yet have light. ANd here you are in darkness yet have Light.


What doese this mean? Two of me?


-No, 3.




-I am U2. For I am not Dark Light nor Light Dark... I am Grey. I am Gray. Guided Hour Glass... Now I know I am not yet just a wall, but also a transparent Glass switching between worlds. I am the three... You , I, and Him.


I don't understand you. What are you trying to say?


-In due time you will know what I know for you will be me in Time.


In Time....



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