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Philadelphia Experiment a laugh to Eldridge crew


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Despite what you've decided, I very much did read the section of the link you directed me to. And I repeat what I said about it (or can you really not read?) - none of it impressed me. All of this Quinn guy's 'investigations' and myriad speculations depend on his accpetance of the literal truth of the Phladelphia Experiment - something you yourself have admitted there is no real evidence for whatsoever. Well, there's little wonder in my mind why the guyss correspondance was dismissed as "childish gibberish".


This is a simple statment of fact concerning my opinion.


In the same way that its a statement of fact to say that (and I know my stuff on the PX believe me!) if Allende and his claims have been shown to be false ( and the entire PX business stands and falls on that ) then it follows that all the Montauk sci-fi bollocks (including this Quinn fellow) that people have built on top of that particular myth is false, too.


Your entire argument seems to be if I read enough of this crap I will eventually see the light. Well, you think I'm an out and out sceptic - I assure you I'm not. I 'want' to believe in this stuff as much as you appear to.


I never claimed there was a yeti involved, only that there was one present in one version of the story as laid out by Wikipedia. So what's the version you buy then? That there was 'Mind-Beast' set loose on the base in order to destroy the project? Sounds like a bad episode of the Outer Limits to me...


And if you are not in the business of converting people (by your own argument) why are you even bothering to reply to me?


So, tell me, Olly...bottom line. Which do you really, genuinely BELIEVE in your heart and mind is MORE likely? That what these old fellows say is true? That they've been whizzing up and down through hyperspace thanks to a a Top Secret Rogue Government Agency Project involving aliens, teleportation, time-travel, Mark Hamill (yes! Mark frickin' Hamill from Star Wars!) and psychic powers and all sorts of outlandish sci-fi shenaningans? That the script-writer for the sci-fi film 'The Philadelphia Experiment' just happened to have inside knowledge of all of this and based his script on that - rather than the other way around? For NONE of which there is a single shred of credible evidence (and believe me, if there were it would be posted all over 'The Drudge Report' and all the other legitimate news sites on the web within hours.)


Or: Is it not more likely that the whole of Montauk, like the PX itself is simply the ramblings of con-men, paranoids, hoaxters and nuts? The existence of which there would be no problems whatsoever in establishing?


And if what these bozos claim are simply lies...what's left to hold water?


You tell me. ;)



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I have no choice at this point. I thought by now they would have figured out the worm holes in the Bermuda Triangle. I don't know if the Philadelphia Experiment caused these or UFO's, but they are there regardless. The reason we have not seen any survivors is because the victims were dressed wrong and will never return. When you travel through space, you dress in what, that's right in an Astronaut Suit. Everything has to be pressurized including yourself. I contacted a space organization about this and I was told to leave it alone. The more questions I asked the angrier they became. I was finally threatened and I dropped it. This was several years ago. After watching an episode on the Sci-Fi channel a couple of days ago about the Bermuda Triangle. I see that they are no further ahead than they were 10 years ago. They have the right approach in trying to duplicate certain settings but the end result would be tragic because they are not prepared (dressed properly). If anyone knows Kevin in Florida who works for you know who, that's all I have to say. Feel free to give me your feed back or help in solving the mystery.





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During WWII The Navy frequently repainted the numbers on ships to make it difficult to track ship movements. They added false smokestacks and other things to change the appearance.


Confusion to the enemy!


The whole disappearing and reappearing an hour later at an impossible distance is just a tribute to the awesome power of paint and scrap metal during wartime.



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I guess we will just have to wait till time travel technology is perfected so we can go back and observe first hand what happened. My favorite is James Corum. He is a respected scientist that did confirm radar invisibility is real. He and a group of scientists investigated to see if there was indeed any truth to the radar invisiblity mythology. Using Tesla's Egg of Columbus apparatus his group was able to duplicate radar invisibility. James F Corum Analysis I know the info is sparse on actual invisibility but I have come across articles on the net of inventors claiming to have succeeded in creating a machine that makes the occupant go invisible. These machines were popping up right around the turn of the 20th century. So if machines causing radar invisibility are real and the technology did exist at the time, then it isn't a far stretch to speculate on the existance of real invisibility machines. Afterall lightwaves are just higher frequencies of radar emmissions. It was wartime at the supposed occurance of the Philadelphia Experiment. Just put two and two together. Stealth technology existed at that time for that type of experiment.And I have to pose this conclusion as well. If radar stealth can be achieved using this technology, why don't we use it today? Is it dangerous? How would we know it was dangerous unless we had tried it?


Einstein google invisible car commercial. Possible through similar concepts using microphones and speakers rather than cameras and LEDs



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Well, I the more I look into your Montauk business the less I am impressed. For one thing many of the sites devoted to it seem intent on describing Von Neumann up front as the inventor of the modern computer. He patently was not. If the bozos that do the research into this sort of nonesense can't even get the verifiable facts straight how can they possibly convince me of the more wacky goings on they claim?

Now...unsubstantiated...it begins with a 'U' in case you need some help.


Please forgive my confrontational writing style. Its difficult to remain polite what with all the monkeys flying outta my butt...

I am a skeptic but not a total fool about strange things! Before I ever heard the word "Montauk" I got a call from my sister telling me that she met a retired cop that wanted to meet me. When I got there I met this older guy and all he wanted to ask me if I remembered him from Montauk. He was very persistent that he knew me from there even after I told him I never heard of the place. He used my sister to get to me for some unknown reason?


Now about the science of mapping and gaining access to the human mind: Try to think of the brain as just a electric powered computer that has the potential of a WiFi connection. Now build a helmet with many transducers that can receive as well as transmit DATA connected to a quantum computer. Would that allow us to quantum leap through space/time? If I can think of such things I bet our government can too. Such secrets are highly sensitive and would surely be kept from the public? I am a skeptic, but not a closed minded fool!



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