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Paranoia / conspiracy

mokrie dela

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Michael Cremo - Rethinking Human Origins
An ardent critic of the abuse of scientific position and power, Michael Cremo is considered a leading authority on anomalous archeological evidence relating to the antiquity of the human race. His persistent investigation during the eight years of writing the internationally acclaimed book, Forbidden Archeology has documented a major scientific cover-up. This is a Laura Lee Vault Presentation - originally aired 01/29/94 
Click here...

(Scroll down
then click on the "speaker icon" next to the text pertaining, to listen to the broadcast.

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The following information I present does not necessarily reflect my personal beliefs, however I post the following, for our viewers to draw their own conclusions......


The Council Of Nine

One New Age channelling cult, above all the rest, has had a huge - very disturbing influence on hundreds of thousands of devotees worldwide. Known as 'The Nine', its disciples include cutting edge scientists, multi-millionaire industrialists and leading politicians. This exclusive extract based on The Startgate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince looks at the sinister origins of The Nine

I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the emissary. But the original time I was on the Planet Earth was 34,000 of your years ago. I am the balance. And when I say "I" - I mean because I am an emissary for The Nine. It is not I , but it is the group…We are nine principles of the Universe, yet together we are one.

The declaration above is typical of the channelled pronouncements of the Council of Nine – or just ‘The Nine’. They contain all the usual New Age ingredients of grandiose statements, shaky grammar and unprovable predictions. But unlike all the other channelling cults, that of The Nine has serious clout. 

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Dear Time,
do you know an Admiral Coeyman? I am quite sure he would be very interested in the anti-gravity copper tube design that shot through the roof at mock 8 in 1999. It just so happens that he invented a similar conscept along with the conscept of placing three anti-gravity coils around the surface skin of the aircraft 120 degrees apart. He has a primer on warp engines, if you are interested I will send you the primer by way of e-mail.

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Here's the latest scoop on the "Chemtrail" issues, I will provide some brief highlights, a link to "William Thomas's" website, also a recent "Audio" archive link, to listen to a pre-recorded interview from the "Coast to coast AM Radio broadcast dated Oct.16 (Click here, to "Listen") http://www.coasttocoastam.com/topics.html

10/16/00 - Mon/Tue
Guest: William Thomas

Wil Thomas is an independent journalist, author, and videographer. He reported for the Environmental News Service while serving as a member of a three-man Gulf environmental emergency response team during and immediately following the Gulf War. His thirty-minute Gulf War documentary, "Echo War" won the 1991 US Environmental Film Festival award for the best documentary short.

Book: "Bringing the War Home."
Website: http://www.islandnet.com/~wilco

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Hi; just wanted to make sure this posting didn't dissapear it is very interesting.

Edwin Gary Schasteen

No problem Gary,
if it this thread, or any others of interest "Drops Out" of view, you can still bring it back by selecting "Show Topics" by date, or select "Show All Topics"

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<font face=Times new roman bold font size=4.0 color=red>SECRECY ORDER (Title 35, United States Code (1952), Sections 181-188) http://www.padrak.com/ine/INE13.html


The "Secrecy Order" that has been sent out to many inventors and researchers who have tried to develop advanced and new technologies, who inventions were publicly "suppressed", because those inventions have been thought to be important to the "National Security" of the US by the US Patent Office and other related US federal government agencies.</font>



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Any kind of time machine made would be a threat to national security. and definetely could not be patented. it would be hard to hide it underground or under huge amounts of water. your best bet would be in a remote cave.


you don't want it to show up while scanning on a grid.and to remain hidden and something that would be there for a long time.


any kind of free energy device is going to be banned because of the greedy world we live in. which is really ashame they are not thinking of future generations.


we could have so much more than what we have now. Did you know farmers are only allowed to grow so much food on their lands? and that the reason they rejected tesla technlogy was because they had no way to charge for it. cars whos engines were made to run on next to nothing are bought up from the car companies and destroyed. cancer cures have been turned down because of the loss of money from the hospitals.All this technology wasted...all the time spent by the lab techs and physicists and engineers wasted.all because of GREED.money, money,money.


It makes you wonder...if you invent something will you be allowed to keep it? or will it be confiscated with one of those secrecy orders thrown in your face. ?????


only those who have had something confiscated knows...and then you are watched for the rest of your life.



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The only thing of consequence to come out in the last 50 years is the PC which 'escaped' from the Xerox labs before our keepers could kill it off. The internet followed only because there was no way to stop people from interfacing their PCs to the already existing phone lines. Tough luck guys.


Any thoughts on what good stuff will escape next? This is in the opposite vien to designer diseases and such that by contrast seem to 'get released' on a regular basis.



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<A HREF="http://Tap-Ten.org">TAP-TEN Research




T.A.P.-T.E.N. is a non-profit organization that involves a majority of its research in the exploration of time travel, gravity displacement, unified field inertia, and electrostatic propulsion.




<FONT SIZE=-2>Show me more like this</FONT>





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Doc and Time; Have you been updated on "the grey goo" threat? It refers to Nana bots. The major fear is one of the self replicating little boogers will get out of the lab. One could be the "father" of millions in uncontrolled situations. If their programing is to clean veins and arteries then huge grey clouds of bots would view trees and grass as plaque to be cleaned out and humans and animals as the living cancer they were programed to kill. I'm not making this up or speculating. This is a big fear in the industry that should this takeplace it could be the end of life on this planet other then microscopic bots. That's a heavy one, right?



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<A NAME=chipcritter>


<FONT SIZE="6" COLOR="#001C87">Chip Critters</FONT>


<FONT COLOR="#006633" SIZE="+1">Engineers meld bacteria and silicon chips




to help clean up polluted sites</FONT>


Stuff that is noxious waste to us may be a tasty meal for other organisms. That is the theory


behind bioremediation, a technique which


uses plants and bacteria to clean up polluted soil and water. Certain organisms can eat and


digest industrial toxins, breaking them down into far less harmful by-products. That skill, it


turns out, can also be used to help locate and map out the areas in need of


ecological rehabilitation.


Gary Sayler, a microbiologist at the University of Tennessee


in Knoxville, was trying to remediate water using a modified version of the bacterium


Pseudomonas fluorescens HK44. Sayler had inserted genes into the bacterium that cause it to


emit a blue-green light as it digests hazardous wastes. The faint glow of the Pseudomonas


fluorescens shows which areas are tainted, how concentrated the pollutant is, and whether


there are enough of the bacteria in the right places to clean up the mess. In order to monitor


the light output, however, Sayler had to use bulky equipment and fiber optic cable,


limiting the size of the area that he could study. There were also practical concerns: what was


to stop the bacteria from washing away or growing out of control?</font>


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(Excerpt from: http://trufax.org)


Have you ever wondered why things are the way they are on the planet, and why things have "changed" but remained the same, and why this planet is (and remains) dysfunctional, despite the best of intentions from a great many people? Why is much activity on this planet connected with covert activity, and why the necessity for concepts like "secrecy" and "national security"? Why the stress on ego, the body, security, sensation, fear, survival, power and the image? Why are exciting new developments in human knowledge routinely suppressed or manipulated in order to preserve the "status quo"? Why all the suppression of knowledge and scientific developments? Why are most orthodox versions of human history full of omissions and inaccuracies, after so many "victors" in a "win-lose"-model societies rewrote history the way they wanted it for thousands of years? What are they afraid of? They are afraid of the alternatives, where internal guidance and mature self-responsibility take the place of external social power and control systems. Vast areas of information provided to the public are incomplete, inaccurate or downright fabrications of orthodoxy, designed to maintain the "status quo". Ever wonder why many political "issues" have been around for decades without resolution? They are symptoms of greater un-addressed "issues" which underlie the structures and belief systems pushed on the population, most of which are shallow, artificial and don't accurately reflect the nature of the universe around us. Belief systems, rather than experiential observations, predominate. Most of the population seems to be asleep, on a social and genetic "autopilot". A great number of individuals, however, are not asleep, and view the system with either contempt or mixed amusement.


Contrary to popular social belief systems which portray reality is being mono-dimensional and mono-density, populated by bodies who walk, talk and interact, the nature of reality is quite different and more expansive. Reality is an infinite multi-nested complex of overlapping energies, intents and purposes, within which a "dance" of consciousness and spiritual being occurs. "Life on Earth" is a miniscule "grain of sand on the beach" . The "reality" picture humans are fed in terms of commercial media is both synthetic and suppressive, for the population, the planet, and all incarnated Spirit interacting on it.


How did it get this way, anyway? We examine many things on this website, including how subjective social reality perspectives are programmed into a population through cultural paradigms, how these are constructed and how they can be seen through. We examine a lot of suppressed information, alternative reality viewpoints, and add in contemporaneous discussions on the objective aspects of how realities, both local and general, appear to be laid out, based on experience involving non-local movement of consciousness and being and other sources, for your general evaluation, so that you may relate it to your own experience or use it to further your own experience, in the search for Self and a more accurate picture of reality.


We examine historical events and timelines, people, places and most importantly ideas, for ideas and information are what will shift the current stage of activity from one of conflict and polarity, to one of balance. This planet is the way it is at any one time, and because it is the way it is, we are all here to experience and learn "what not to do and how not to live", as well as personal objectives on a more expansive Spiritual basis. We are not so much here to "change the world", but to help make it possible for many of us to change ourselves, align with our higher Spiritual nature, and create something better together, that we would all prefer, in order to allow progressive evolution to take place more quickly. Nothing in current society will survive the necessary evolution. The changes have already begun,


I only hope for your sake, and everyone else reading this will ask themselves if they are truly ready.... Are You?



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Wow, my site is back and still ticking... Time you ask are we ready in general? Possibly one half of a percent of this planet is capeable of handling earth shaking change. Older people (myself included) have great difficulty with change. You tend to mellow into a pattern and any disruption like cable going out, becomes a torment beyond words. The young, although excited by technology, is only thrilled by the toys it creates. If dimentions started diverging or bacteria and eventually animals and people started mutating there would be suicides or madness following close behind. I'm not sure spirituality would be of help in these situations as most people that believe in a higher power believe that this is the reason for "stability" in the universe and a shift into instability would unhinge their world and new paradymes would not fit. No, if there were to be changes beyond my simple little mind, I believe only a certain "type" of phyisist or scientist would really be able to handle it. We have seen the types on this board. Those that believe all laws are set in stone, and those that believe everything is fluid and there may be millions of answers to questions yet unasked. Time, Doc and Pamela would make it. I myself could be found in the corner sucking my thumb and babbleing.



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