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Words for the Future, by RainmanTime


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words by RainmanTime


"I find it amusing how consistently you demand others provide evidence for their beliefs and claims (even those "claims" which are not made by the person in question, but rather your twisting of their words), and yet when someone presses you to provide evidence for your own beliefs and opinions, you either switch the focus or provide non-evidence. Interesting trick, and it might even work, if only some did not see you using it.


I imagine that you may well "run away" as you did the last time I felt it was important to point out your debating tactics. However, since you have chosen to turn this thread into a soapbox from which to stoke your ego, I feel it is only right to expose these tendencies. Your "need" to make people wrong, even when it does not pertain to a discussion point, is the strongest tactic used by your ego to gain energy and protect itself.


There is scant purpose for even continuing to try to have a conversation with a person who will reduce any arugment to "but no symbols really have any inherent meaning" as his way to make himself right. While the tentative science of semiotics may claim this is true, the fact is that humanity has decided that such nonsense does nothing for progress. It is nothing more than mental masturbation and a last-ditch tactic to save your "rightness". The fact that you are now reduced to this last-ditch tactic exhibits.



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words by RainmanTime


To those who insist on treating science and spirituality as two separate, distinct, and utterly unrelated tools of mankind, all I can tell you is that history puts you in dubious company. Any and all efforts to forcefully keep opposing elements and viewpoints apart has ultimately failed. We saw it in South Africa, and we saw it with the Berlin Wall. America discovered its power when it adopted the precept of the "melting pot". It is only the two-party politicians, who continually seek to divide our country, that are acting to prevent our further maturation, both as a country and as a species.


The fact that something had to give rise to the Big Bang (scientifically accepted) means you cannot rule out self-awareness of whatever may have caused the Big Bang. Nonsense? Far from scientific? You may think so. And that only infers that you are not willing to build on current science. You DO know that science discovers new things every day, don't you? You DO know that science "works" in a way where theories are proposed and then tests for evidence are carried out? You can think I am being non-scientific, but I can assure you that you are mistaken in that regard. Science (and scientific knowledge) are not as static as you seem to imply with this statement.


We are approaching an understanding of Time and Energy that is not only pertinent to this very thread, but could also be quite pertinent to the theme of this entire forum. In our human domain of limited perception of discrete events in the form of Matter-in-Motion, we are only capable of directly perceiving Matter-in-Motion as Time. In fact, this is precisely how mankind measures time...as matter in motion. Yet we also see from another equation above that Matter + Motion yields the description of Energy. Yet can you, as a human bound to your limited senses, perceive Energy DIRECTLY? The answer is no. We cannot perceive Energy directly with our senses. We only perceive its effects in terms of the relative motion of a body (kinetic), the relative positions of two bodies (potential), and the relative internal energy of a body (temperature).


This is why I say: God is Energy (technically, the integration of all Matter and all Motion), and we cannot perceive Him directly. The only way we humans can perceive energy, as Matter in Motion, is through our perception of limited frames of Time. This is also why we always say that God exists "outside of Time". Only physical beings live within the bounds of Time.


Enjoy your atheism and ignorance while you can. But mark my words, there will come a day when each of us will be forced to integrate our views on science and spirituality, each for ourselves. You can laugh and scoff at me as being "unscientific" about this now. But I assure you, the premise of integrating disparate opposites is well-founded in both science and spiritual traditions. The day will come, and I pray that you will have the courage to harken back to these discussions (and other times in your life when people have encouraged you to "look deeper"), and pull together the resources you will need to make the leap across the Abyss.


My theme in life is centered around the fact that Science and Spirituality are dyadic opposites which our dominant societies have purposefully sought to keep apart... to avoid any reconciliation. In forcing this separation, to the point of militancy sometimes, this is precisely how BOTH the scientific AND the spiritual communities have kept us, their "subjects" under their control. As with any other dyad in life, these two things must be reconciled in order for the human race to achieve its next phase of evolution. The fighting you see in the world today is, indeed, the "final battle" prophesied by many sources that will lead to "ascension". The reconciliation of Science and Spirituality will not only lead to our next phase of human evolution, but is also summarily destroys the refutation of the teleological argument.


My mission in this incarnation is to reconcile science and spirituality. If I cannot use science and engineering to show the evidence for a Creator, how, precisely, am I supposed to go about it? Science only holds "half" of the total solution. Spirituality holds the other "half". Think of it like this analogy which has been discussed here before: Neither "light as wave" nor "light as particle" is the full truth. Given this, one would find it reasonable that light may be neither of these, but I would go a step further and say that an integration of these two views could lead to the "true" nature of light.


My own personal slant on the theory comes from over 22 years of studying both science and the Tree Of Life. However, some of what I discuss is not only brought forth by myself. The theory of God and energy (per the Law of Conservation of Energy) is one that many scientists who believe in God have proposed.


My theories and realizations have come as a result of reaching inward and upward... up the Tree Of Life, to give you a visual picture. Each time I was able to align something from mystical Qabalah texts with something in the world of science, I "cross-checked" it by going within... by taking my meditative path up beyond my concsious self, into my soul, and "presenting" this knowledge up to the "altar" (speaking metaphorically) of my spirit. It was only when it literally resonated through my whole being that I accepted the correlations I had made as "truth".


Any translation of any important text (religious or not) can have political undertones. However, if God created our universe, and He also inspired much of the Bible (esp. Genesis) then one should be able to review the various translations for oneself, and then compare them to the world and the universe around them. "Proper" translations should not contradict what we see around us. Indeed, I have found the Sepher Yetzirah translation to be a scientific description of the topological unfolding of our Massive SpaceTime universe.


It is my belief that the work that Stan Tenen is doing is heading towards an understanding that the topological/geometrical "code" of our universe was "given" to the Hebrew people in the form of their alphabet. Each of the 22 letters is directly related to form (the shape of its letter when written), sound (the lingual aspects of how the letter is pronounced), and number (its numerical value). The 22 Hebrew letters align with the 22 pathways that connect the 10 spheres on the Tree Of Life. These 32 elements (10 spheres, 22 paths) also align with the 32 verses of Genesis 1. There are many of us who understand this "code" as a compendium of knowledge that can lead to an understanding of God.


There is much discussion of the tetrahedon in the domain of Sacred Geometry. Stan Tenen understands the tetrahedron platonic solid as the form of the "meeting tent" within which the Light of God eternally burns. And incidentally, the tetrahedon has FOUR faces and SIX edges. These geometric elements of the tetrahedon can be aligned with the Tree Of Life in several different ways. I leave that as an exercise of discovery to the reader... it may help in your own research and discovery into the Tree Of Life.


You can "fold-up" this flat sierpinski triangle and form a tetrahedron. If you select the outer points labeled "Energy, Mass, and Space" and fold them upwards you will form a tetrahedon. The base of this tetrahedron is "Matter-Motion-Time", which describes the limited plane of existence we live in, where we perceive these 3 things as separate and distinct. At the apex of the tetrahedron, we have the realm of God...indeed, we see "three Gods in One" as Energy, Mass, and Space are all at the same vertex point. Where God is there is no Time.


In all the areas that I have shown the Tree Of Life to correspond with science, you cannot disagree with my science. So does that mean that you simply refuse to admit that "something is there"? If you refuse to admit the possibility of this connection simply because God is associated with how some people look at the Tree Of Life, then this is just being stubborn, and not wishing to look into something that shows scientific merit because of some grudge you hold against how people choose to believe in God.


You may think your level of understanding is higher, but if I am aware of something (specifically, about Qabalah and Tree Of Life) that you are not aware of, then I would say your level of understanding is lower. Again, you are in control of whether you feel insulted. If I can plainly see that you have not studied Qabalah as deeply as I have, and that I understand some things that you do not, I am simply telling the truth from my POV. If you feel insulted by this, there is little I can do about it. In fact, you seemed of the opinion that Qabalah was "just another religion". Through my studies and research I know it is something more... it is a compendium of knowledge that describes the structure, order, and interactions of the universe.


Since I have "met" our Creator, and "speak" with him regularly, this interaction has manifested itself in my life as being able to master those things which I have always wished to master.... namely, aerospace vehicles and complex control system design. And now I act as a mentor to those who wish to become masters in this aspect of life's science.


I (and others) have experienced God on the triad levels above conscious. On the Tree Of Life, I refer to them as the levels of Soul and Spirit. Again, I respect your belief if you do not think that you have such levels. But it would seem to me that if you believe you are "spiritual" then you are aware that you have levels of non-physical being beyond your conscious senses. I am just acknowledging that and showing you how your non-physical makeup is identical in terms of its architecture to your physical makeup (your body). The Tree Of Life is that architecture.


It was not a "feeling" as in my physical senses. It was not something I "saw" with my physical sense of sight. So therefore, this is why I am certain that my senses are not deceiving me. My knowingness that God exists occurred on levels above the conscious self. For your reference, the conscious self is the level of self that deals and interacts directly with the Massive SpaceTime Matrix (node 10 on the Tree Of Life). The conscious self is aligned with the triad of spheres of 7, 8, and 9 on the Tree Of Life. This conscious self is where your physical senses manifest themselves to your mind. It is where you perceive sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.




Only you can satisfy whatever level of proof you require (especially since you cannot quantify that level of proof). Any attempt by anyone else to "string together" the evidence that DOES exist will only meet with your disbelief because you did not see it directly. This is precisely why God will only reveal Himself (using the male gender metaphorically) to people on a personal level. Since God created the universe, He knows there is no such thing as absolute proof of anything (as much as you like to think there is).


I do not think I know it all. But I do know what I know. And since both belief and proof are relative to the person experiencing a phenomenon, why do you find it so important that you get me to think I am wrong about this? I will admit I am wrong when I see the evidence for myself that I am wrong. But if I do not see any evidence that would say I am wrong, why should I consider it?


We are ALL living in a fantasy world. That fantasy world is the Matrix of Massive SpaceTime. I only call this model "truth" because it does neatly and compactly explain the 3 physical dimensions that we all seem to agree are "real". Can you describe anything in the universe that is NOT Mass, Space, or Time? The only other thing is Energy, and all our equations of science and engineering tell us that Energy is a 3-way mixture of Mass, Space, and Time. The 2% world we perceive in Massive SpaceTime is the fantasyworld. Whereas integration of all Mass, with all Space, and all Time is, quite literally, the only absolute. It is also equal to energy.


Given that your senses cannot directly perceive 98% of universal energy, it is actually more likely that it is NOT an illusion, but rather a manifestation that cannot be explained within our 2% perception. Because it completely aligns with what has been described as God. Let me put it this way: Can you possibly find any OTHER description, which is based on established science, that even comes this close to equating to how traditions have described God? Beyond all this, if you are successful in transcending physicality (by eliminating your ego-reference to Mass/Space/Time) you will know why the total of all energy IS God.


Energy is the one, single requirement for any and all Creation. You cannot create anything without Energy. You would be dead without Energy. God is the force of Creation, and therefore is Energy...all of it. If you wish to be scientific about exploring the possibility (or impossibility) of God's existence, you cannot ignore probabilities and statistics. Anything less and I could simply call the foundations of your beliefs in the non-existence of God "totally illogical and not at all based in science." I think I have provided enough "evidence" in terms of systems and how we (mankind) create them such that the existence of God is not "totally illogical".


I believe the entire earth has a certain level of self-awareness, but not in the limited human scope that you utilize. Therefore, in this regard, since a rock is a component of the earth it has a level of self-awareness. How can you know a rock is NOT self-aware since you have obviously not lived anywhere near as long as that rock has "existed".


Do you know that the earth itself exhibits a level of awareness? And that it is related to how the earth uses and exhibits energy around it? And that spirals (recurring theme!) play a very big part in these energetic expressions of the earth's self-awareness? Indeed, there are two very powerful forces of earth energy that manifest as spirals: Hurricanes and tornadoes. Would you like to discuss how, even in our advanced knowledge of today, we still do not really know the mechanisms by which both of these storms form? It really has to do with how the earth "thinks", or is self-aware, if you will.


They are the energetic means by which the earth renews itself. The earth is a closed-loop system, and it takes actions to keep itself in balance and "on track" to reach its goals. The earth "knows" it cannot reach out to the rest of the universe without us. Our human desire to explore ever larger boundaries (outward spiral, anyone?) will be the precise means that will permit the earth to begin to stretch out, and form networks with other living planets.


The spiritual path is one of integrating the body and the consciousness with the rest of the universal energy, and in doing so increasing your perceptions and awareness of the wholeness and unity of the universe. This is the only way you will come to understand that there really is a God, whose body is represented as the sum total of all universal energy. As long as you remain content that your senses tell you "the whole truth and all the truth", you will never be called down a path to raise your perceptions and awareness. Again, I am sorry if this sounds arrogant, but all I am describing is the same spiritual path of enlightenment that the great masters before us have described. And the mathematics of energy, as described by our sciences, it a large part of that path.


No one is separated from this sea of energy. (No one is separated from God) But that is exactly what our conscious mind experience, as infused in our bodies, "reports" to us. We each think of and perceive ourselves as "separate" bodies from the sea of energy. We see ourselves as separate from the rest of the universe by the orthogonal concepts called Mass, Space, and Time.


Yes, and when I speak of energy, which is literally "three gods in one" (Mass, Space, Time), I am telling you a basic truth. The sum total energy of our universe (which, by the laws of thermodynamics, always remains constant) is a physical statement of what God is. God is all (energy). That is why God is neither He nor She. God is It.


This issue you have touched off is actually getting close to the root of the matter for why God is not readily apparant to us. We are all on missions. And the exact things you disbelieve as being "non-normative" are the means by which "mission control" sends commands to us and receives data from us. It is all spelled-out by the 3x3 Matrix of Non-Physical Mind (a complement to the 3x3 Matrix of Massive Spacetime),


Each of us, as physical human beings, amount to nothing more (and nothing less) than a clump of energy vibrating at a low frequency. So if you are made of energy, and you claim that energy is not self aware, then how do you count for your own self awareness? To what can you possibly attribute it to? You do not know how very close you are to "seeing" the proof of God. How can you account for yourself and your awareness if you believe energy cannot be self-aware? This is called a self-referent loop...and it is infinite, just like God. It is one of the very first steps of seeing God in yourself, and yourself in God. Continue to disbelieve if you simply must... but you are much closer to seeing that evidence than you may have ever been before.


You paint me as if I never challenge any of my beliefs, and that is simply not true. However, in the realm of how all energy in the universe integrates to form a system that some call God, yes I am quite comfortable. And I have explained why, sometimes in great detail. It all is derived from an ability to balance... in this case, faith and proof. Those who do not acknowledge their levels of faith rarely ever learn how to use it to their advantage in navigating life's time flows.


Poke fun if you wish. However, this is the precise reason why you subconscious is only barely "available" for you to know about, and your spirit is completely hidden from your conscious mind. Whether you know it or are aware of it or not, you are a "human machine" that is collecting experiential information (recurring theme), and it is being filtered and compiled by your subconscious, and it is being transmitted to the Creator as His means of being self-aware. I have made my point, and got close enough to providing viable evidence for the link between science and God that it got you scared. My point is made, and I therefore have nothing left to say you to.



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