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Planets/Stars and the Superwave


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Brighter Planets/Stars, and the Superwave


For years, I viewed the chemtrail onslaught as an attack on us, an attempt to cull the population, because the chemtrails I saw in central Florida started out as ominous-looking X marks. Only in the past nine months have these developed into grids that cover the sky from horizon to horizon.


All the planets and the sun are much brighter. Venus is 3500 times brighter. I urge you to read the theories on why this is happening: microwave, superwave, etc.


I no longer feel the world government is culling us and setting up prison camps for those left alive. I now believe that a cosmic problem is causing this global attempt to save our planet through chemtrail spraying. Today, when the earth should be tilting away from the sun, the sun was the brightest I've ever seen it. I saw it several times today, despite massive chemtrail spraying. I would like to say that only the village idiot could deny chemtrails at this point, but that is not the case. Everyone but me denies it where I live. Ironically, I am the only one I know of who is currently sick from the spraying.


Apparently, when we reach the vernal equinox on March 20th, and the earth begins tilting back towards the sun,


something catastrophic is going to happen. If the elites begin disappearing into their underground bunkers (built at taxpayer expense) on March 19th and the electricity starts going haywire, you know the end is near.


I have gotten ten security warnings so far, so I must be onto something.


I can tolerate the end of the world. I just cannot tolerate being lied to by men and women worth less than one of my toes. Bush and the rest are the lowest forms of humanity ever categorized. Bush is quite simian, as is frequently pointed out. Condoleeza/Cheney/Rumsfeld are more like the apes from Planet of the Apes than any human being in a literary work.


I have read everything of importance ever written, yet I am working at Wal-Mart--and quite grateful for it, I might add. No university, no school, no government agency, no other business but Wal-Mart will hire me. I am a watch-listed terrorist. Apparently, I wrote something against the first Gulf War that angered the elite gorillas whose name is Rockefeller, Jew, Jewison, Judea, Rothschild, Heb, Semite, Zionist.


I was married to a Lebanese genius, a 39th degree mason, a homosexual, a Ph.D. He spoke five languages fluently. Yet not even he is aware of anything going on at the planetary level. He has no bunker. Everyone but a few wild intellectuals are going to live these last days like any others.


I want to be happy, so happy and content, and I am doing my best.



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