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Compact Disk contents depicted on Egyptian texts


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Compact Disk and its Contents depicted on Egyptian papyrus texts


Australian News Release


The PPHC Study Group confirms an astounding discovery that a particular modern compact disk was seen by ancient people and has been documented in various ancient texts.


The Egyptian 'solar disc' symbol is the Key to unlocking a Great Mystery that has reappeared throughout man's history and has been concealed in the Creation and other Stories of various ancient texts for over 5,000 years.


Ancient Egyptian priests held in their hands a mystical book called "The Book of O" and as a record of their encounter they drew its rounded form as part of their hieroglyphics on temple walls and in their ancient manuscripts. Its shape also turned up in early maps. As part of Egyptian mythology, scholars called the depicted round holed object the Solar Disc of Re and interpreted its symbolism as representing the Sun in the sky.


But philosophers and scholars of the past have given an incorrect determination.


Now, with modern knowledge, this 'solar disc' object can be easily recognized by anyone. Understanding what this symbol actually represented is going to change how we perceive the stories about our past history.


Somehow, the ancient Egyptians viewed a compact disk, and have exactly depicted


it as such in their hieroglyphics.


As a consequence to this encounter with a particular modern cd-rom, not only were their Mythological Gods and stories about Seven Under-worlds based upon its pictures and number of presentations contained within, but some of the depictions in their papyrus writings reflect images and themes from certain pages.


Source: PPHC-SG News Report www.pphcstudygroup.org.au/egypt


Authorized by Eddy Pengelly


on behalf of PPHC Study Group, Australia


December 2005


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Compact Disks described in other Ancient Texts


In the year 2000 the Australian researcher Ronald Pegg revealed that he had found evidence of modern objects being described and documented in ancient texts. What he was really implying was that he had found evidence of time travel.


His original research documentation may be found at www.ronpeggdiscoveries.com


The PPHC Study Group has checked the evidence presented, and after further investigations can confirm that the imagery and content of certain compact disks have been documented, described, and in some cases depicted in ancient texts and associated artworks.


For example: The Egyptian papyrus of Anhai contains a pictorial passage on 'how to run' four compact disks.


On our website in the News Headlines section you will find another twenty examples of ancient texts and stories containing descriptions of modern cd-roms and their imagery, with their full length reports being presented in the Member Area.





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Re: Compact Disks described in other Ancient Texts


If that's the case, there may also be evidence of ancient wax cylinder recordings, with depictions of an ancient Buster the dog sitting listening quizzically to an ancient stylus type H.M.V. gramophone. This is an exciting excursion in the field of ancient sound technology. Let's hope there's more to come.



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