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internat news, De' London, Le boom!


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internat news, De' London, Le boom!


Breaking News


Explosion Near London


Updated: 06:33, Sunday December 11, 2005


There has been a large explosion followed by two smaller blasts in the St Albans area, around 25 miles north of London.


Sky Correspondent Sky Meade has said he can see flames about 200ft in the sky and there appears to be burning fuel.


Speaking by telephone from his home, Meade described "burning tongues" of flames in the sky.


The first blast happened at 6.03am - the other explosions followed about 20 minutes later.


Meade, a seasoned war reporter said he can see what looks like "burning aviation fuel".


"This fire is extremely intense. It is a bright orange glow on the horizon," he said.


Witnesses have told Sky News they heard the blast near Junction 8 of the M1. It is thought to be centred around a fuel depot.


The blast was felt at Sky Centre - more than 20 miles away in west London.


It was so powerful it blew out the windows at a hotel in Hemel Hempstead. There are reports of injuries there.


Witnesses have told Sky News that emergency services are converging on the area.


Sky News producer Anwar Tambe heard the blast from his home in Luton and is currently stuck in traffic on the M1.


He said blasts are "going off regularly" and debris has blown onto the motorway.


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