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These two notes:One the nature of the infrastructure has change as of such, that so many cell phone towers, along with other types of electronics technology has been added, that this environment, could possibly be affecting the way peoples brains function at this point in time.


Two, as forecasted in the movie THX1138, allot of the characters within this society, seem to be spacing, the same way George Lucas had said that they would have.


I follow (tropical colorfish), as a naturalist would follow a deer herd.This, in order to ascertain health, body types, general trends and other parameters, of how humans behave.


I had noticed on one particular (playful bears) sheet, that they would only add the frontal clothed picture, of a young woman.This young (chiper buck) had the chagrinned look on her face, of "Oh' what did I get myself intoand what may come, I should have not gotten myself involved in"?


This is a pathetic stance, as many young men and wimen, cannot afford to make money, any other way.


So they are locked into this process of (wistful grocery stores), just as George Lucas had predicted they would in his movie THX1138.


This equals two situations within the THX movie; one the white area prison, for those who did not meet up to what society wanted.This area, to where a midget, known as a shell dweller, just looked at the poor designated people around him and made noises with his hand, next to his mouth. He sat as if to say, "Oh god, I'm with these losers now, tell me what's next to come"?


Also, the current social situation reflects on THXs room mate, Luh.If you figure it out, the general overhead of this futuristic society, is so inhumane to people's causes, that they refer to this woman, like a little tune, which would be la la la.


Very dehumanizing and degrading, situation.


The looks of some of these people caught within this trap of (naughty badness), in a very remote way, exactly mimic the THX1138 story.


Within this futuristic story, sex had become so commoditized, that they had referred to it, as The Circus.


Since person to person sex was forbidden by the state, erotica was to be a self enjoyed factor.


The state would control the aspects of reproduction, so this left self stimulation and breaking the law, for (dont touch me there infractions), to the general population.


So this is why the THX story, in some parts of the film, had lawyers, for the self insecurity of the state.


In this future world, people had become so specialized, they forgot how to do simple things, such as pick up items after themselves.This problem as shown in the control room tour scene, in the movie, were a technician took extra care to walk around an object, but not touch it, as this object was not his job.


This storyline takes a poke at this society we are now in, as in a very great way, it is becoming exactly like the fabled THX1138 world.


Other examples, have been a man trying to kill a woman in public during a wait for a public bus communite, to where people in Seattle just stood there and watch this brute chase a young woman, who was apparently dressed for work, run screaming, while a maniac had perused her.


Out of a group of like fifteen people and many bystanders, just stood idly by, while this may chased this screaming woman, all about and nobody did anything to help her.


It was an Afro-American construction worker, who jumped down from his construction site, that finally got the man away from the woman.


Apparently, the current affect society is having upon people, is not good.


In other times, if one were to be attacked by a wild animal, a person would have brandished a firearm and dispatched the wild offending animal.


Now-a-days, what people are allowed to do, is to had out a brochure, to the person being attacked, on how to better understand their predicament, rather for anyone, do anything.


Im sorry for this (potty poo poo room) view, but this area is one of the leading indicators of how a society functions.


Microsoft can supply thirty thousand jobs to India by via outsourcing, however when it comes to supplying jobs to the young who could use them, rather than impressing them in the money making 9naughty pictures trade) trade, well this seems to be another matter?


another view of the THX movie, is given below.




Editorial Reviews


DVD features


George Lucas's fascinating, almost art-house, film just took a quantum leap into the digital future. Never has the world of THX 1138 looked as bright, clear, and antiseptic as it does on this remastered version. It is equally impressive how far Lucas and the camera crew push the widescreen 2.35 aspect ratio, particularly on a film that emphasizes minimalism. For those that fault the film as being "soundless," prepare yourself for a shock. The new "THX enhanced" THX 1138 sports a newly remastered DTS audio track that enhances every wonderfully subtle, ambient sound of Lalo Schifrin's soundscape. Complaints are likely to be aimed at the restoration. As many assumed, the newly restored (and retitled) THX 1138: The George Lucas Director's Cut underwent a few CGI alterations. In one aspect, the computer graphics are stunning, they're not excessive, and they don't take anything away from the film's storyline. In some aspects the CGI scenes bridge some empty gaps. However, the modern effects do look a little out of place in comparison with the rest of the film. Though a futuristic sci-fi film, THX 1138 is still very '70s in its look and feel. When the newly added scenes appear, it is pretty obvious what has been added. Yes, the purists will cry "Blasphemy!" but in all honesty those new to the film may not notice the differences, and most viewers will probably not care.


THX 1138: The George Lucas Director's Cut DVD set contains pretty much everything you could ever want with regard to the film. It includes the new documentary Artifact from the Future: The Making of THX 1138 (30 minutes) as well as the original production featurette Bald (8 minutes). There is also the excellent 63-minute documentary A Legacy of Filmmakers: The Early Years of American Zoetrope, featuring Zoetrope founder Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, John Milius, and Walter Murch. The DVD's informative and entertaining commentary is a combination of separate tracks by George Lucas and co-writer/sound designer Walter Murch. Though not an action-packed thrill ride, THX 1138 is nonetheless a very interesting, meditative film that hits a lot closer to our home than a galaxy far, far away. --Rob Bracco



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