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Learns to bunt


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Rainman shows creedo how to bunt:


Creedo, Hey' you Rainman?


Raiman, Yeah, give me a second to hit a few more to the outfield and I'll show you how to bunt.


Rianman cracks a few out to the outfield.Squints at one last one, lets it go and gives the pitcher the wave-off.


What you do, is circle the bat around, like your really going to hit the ball with full force.


You then change positions and grab the bat and try to catch the ball, on the bright side of the bat.


Creedo nods his head in the hot sun.


Rainman continues, Don't do this when the pitcher is hot and is slamming in fast balls, or he'll break your arm, or hit you in the throat.


If you get the signal to bunt and he looks tired, then I'd go for it.


Remember, what comes down that lane from the pitchers mound, you can either handle, or you cant.


So don't get your teeth knocked out like I almost did. Got it?


Creedo nods his head yes and steps in, to practice a few bunts.



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