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Nanotechnology in time travel:


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One of the areas, that I am interested in, is the human-being nanotechnology meeting.


It is now possible to insert nanobots and nano artificially made life into a human being.


The two items that are not accounted for now, is one, how to control these bots once they are injected and two, how these colonies, if they would go rouge, would proliferate within the human body?


There has been prototypical nano DNA displayed at PhysOrg.com, which appears to be ribbon like tape, with one twist, with other apparatus assigned near this ribbon.


This is probably a prototypical display, of what DNA would look like, however there are real-time comparisons built on these probabilities.


One in the liquid metal terminator, in the movie series, The Terminator.


In this movie, liquid metal, that is collodial-ized to take shape, is realized.This shape is that of a human sentient.


However, the problem is, how does one control all of the metal colonies, under one control boss?


The answer that I find, would be a miniature transponder, or broadcast box, within the liquid metal. These series of nodes, would have to have a powerful broadcast signature, in order to enact all of the liquid metal nanocolinies, that would correspond to the signals of the master.


There is the power problem also?


With this limitation, unless you could make power supply in a nanotechnolgical slurry itself, there is the limitation for this type of bot, of being able to crawl through very small spaces.


The second of the examples I would like to give, is the being known as the Borg, in the Star Trek Next Generations and the Star Trek Voyager series, which show a type of being, which seems to have an overed level of nanotechnology, within them.


It would be possible, if nano-colonies were to exist, that had a self replicating style of DNA, for these colonies to merge with human DNA.


There are two phase to this.


One the natural and self selected combining of these two differing types of DNA and the over-riding DNA, which would take president over the human DNA.In otherwords, a human DNA invasion.


In this second type of creature, the key words, are intended purpose, as well as utility of this new guest colony?


The said Borg collective, was a hive mind and in this context, sought its own self council, rather than the aetheria of the situation.


It may be, that in some aspect of the future, there are nano-combined beings, who posses both humanoid or other types of DNA, mixed with a type of super nano DNA?


This type of creature, would have almost absolute control, within time travel, being able to pic out very precise points, in time jumping and relocations.


These are only two such proposals within philosophy of time travel.


Your welcome to discuss these topics within this thread, if you would like?



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