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Reflectance, backfeed, internet:


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Reflectance, backfeed, internet:


Before the internet, agencies, companies and other entities,, in a way had used social talk, as what listeners would utilize, in order to gain knowledge into what people were thinking, or wanting.


The new ways for any company agency, to gather general consensus, is now, it seems the internet.


This action emulates the mirror reflection phenomenon, in sociology, as there is a double cast reflection, of all actions we do, placed as feedback on the web.


Forininstance, on Netscape at this time, there are great tips, on sex, sexuality, turn ons and turn offs, that certain concerns are posting, so that many people who would not otherwise listen, listen.


The first question one must ask, is how does anyone know that you have a problem, at all?


The answer is, that in a way, certain spywares, plus what is known as keystroke loggers, track a persons every move on the web.


This gives a near ninety-eight, but not one hundred percent feedback, to these concerns.


The problem with this type of feedback being accurate, is that some small details are left out.


These examples are; a man on the internet meets a young lady.This man goes to marry her on a promise.


When the man arrives, they have cameras rolling.The man is overweight, already married, and is not the style Hollywood grade of person he has let himself onto be.


A business in your e-mail promises the moon.You sign in.But when it comes time to reap your fiduciaries, you find that you have no profits coming in and another person has taken all the money you have put in and this company no longer exist.


These are but a few of many examples, to where there are blind spots on the web, that do not readily comes through, however became people might speak a common language, the perception that everyone might be alike comes through instead.


This mirror phenomenon is examples by placing two large mirrors so they face one another.


What happens is the mobus infinity, to where the reflection is repeated many many times over, ad to infinitum.


So in a way of transferring this over, Jill says to John, let's have a secret meeting at Jimson Park, (tells her on the web) and nobody is supposed to know about this?


Jill and John show up, but in-back of them, because of how the web works, is their mothers, fathers, insurance companies, the church, grocery store, their family doctors and so-on.


In mobus infinity, what follows them around, is repeated many many times.


Still, even with the following, so minor details, do not come through.


The correct perceptions of what the other person is, does not always come through.


Not that Mike or John might be a full fledge vampire, an ax murderer, a psychopath, or some other denizen, that is just looking for food.


What does come through; Say I don't like what a certain computer company is doing, with say,...outsourcing, as it leaves the Joneses, out in the cold near Christmas, time, in order to buy the presents that they need, to make their Christmas time complete.


Say I go to a certain chat-web and blow off, that XO-soft, is a bunch of rats, that would sell their mothers for a profit. Or that, all they care about, is showing a profit, producing a product and the common man, "or the perception of this person", can go down the drain, economically?


Well because this company uses web-bots, that follows anything with inference, new across the web happenings, to its company name, the very next day, the head CEOs of that company come on a host page, such as Netscape or Yahoo and say, "Oh' everything's changed, we now want workers, to fill these positions".


The web certainly does follow you, but what is the web's correct perception of what any one entity is, is always up for grabs.


Both feedback, and flowback, on certain members of the web, is always a nonsure, perception.



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