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Hi I am new here and do not have much "time" pardon the pun to post today. I am interested in others experience with visitors from the future and what the experience felt like. If I could be steered to the right post or given personal accounts it would be nice as I work 12 hour days 6 days a week and need to get to bed so I can work tonight.Could it be possible that some people are interdemensional portals or beacons that assist in time travel and the info is passed down thru each generation in our DNA? I seem to have the uncontrolable condition of being able to communicate with others without speaking and other things I do not have time to discuss right now, but I can say the it has caused others to take a great interest in me and they are not from here or now.except for our local Fish and game dept who thinks I can light up 1000 acres of field to poach deer lol! I told them I thought it was the national guard looking for pot plants, they came back later and said they were sorry to have bothered me and that they were told by their superiors to stay away.and that the guard was not looking for pot.and thet they were told to tell me they would not be back.



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I am interested in others experience with visitors from the future and

what the experience felt like

Experiences are varied. With most cases you would probably not evenrealize you were communicating with a time traveller. They are usually


very discreet about revealing themselves. They confide only with those


they can trust, family, close friends, or those with open minds to


such things. One prime reason for this is they have to be very careful


about causality violations. For example if I were to travel back in


time and I somehow prevented my own birth, what happens to me? Nobody


knows for sure. A TT's agenda in the past is most likely to collect


information or to solve a problem from the TT's own time rather than


alter events.


In other cases they might just come right out and tell you. They could


also appear very angry, or distraught, usually speaking of pending


doom. The first reaction to this would probably be "this person's


lying". Or if you keep an open mind, a TT could experience


psychological troubles when moving from one time to another. It's


unknown what kind of mental impact this could have. Worrying about


causality, for example. I kind of compare it with what we would


experience with jet-lag, but on a grander scale. My uncle works for a


global communications company and is always travelling across regional


time zones. Between the physical trips from one point in the world to


the other as well as strict schedule he is on, the physical and mental


can be harsh. He told me once he woke up in a hotel room in


Austrailia, disoriented still thinking he was in Europe. He was easily


angered, and sometimes said bizarre things. So you can imagine the


impact traversing through time would have on someone. Thank you for


allowing me to share. :)



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