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Recovery times, dealing with A.I. systems


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There is a recovery period, for humans in dealing with A.I. machines, of a very great caliber.


What happens, is there is a fusion between mankind and A.I. machine and the machine and man, both calculate to each other.


In time, if the two are separated, man readjust, but may remember the machine.


This is a likewise situation with machine.



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Trying to understand this: Don't know if post was to brief or...


Is your suggestion, that the MEcH would miss...(emotional state)...the human operator?


also vice versus...the operator would miss...(emotional state)...the MEcH?


What level of development is the system so defined? Is this rudimentary components? Or the Data Personae (referring to Data (ST-TNG)? Android or Cyborg? If so, what level of development?


If developmental scale is as follow:


Primary development: lvl0 - Robby Class


Intermidiate development - lvl5 Data class


Advanced development - lvl9 T101 class


If Cyborg, is system, processor class or transition class?


Can you provide a model for the processes (Other than a dual chained learning model)?


Please clarify the system used for the example. That would probably be easier. Thanx :devil:



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