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well here goes.


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everyone knows about the superman project the montauk boys etc.


well when i was a child my father sold me to the australian governement for a hundred pounds.for medical testing etc.i was trained to be a telepathic.it all just satanic fagggot witchcraft but as everybody loves stories i will detail.


i was saved by the montauk boys in australia he said don't worry sweetheart,i've got you & i'm going to kill his father.at the time the theory was if we get rid of the fathers of the illumanti,the third world order cannot happen.doesn't work like that however many drugs you are given.you cannot change the past.i have no idea about the future nor should you,isn't that for occultees too nervy,too ugwe,no love in their lives that illusions & spite is all they have.


bush senior wants what is hidden in iraq,the war is just a cover it's satanic to kill as many as possible & also to get the treasure tunnel that is intrusted to the muslims whether we like it or not.that dreadful occult movie with angela jolie,was to put in a protectors head that a time tunnel should be destroyed,of course it shouldn't,it's been there long long before us.


all the time travel shows on telly are preparing us,the next thing wil be the multi-verses.


most of the service men are used for sex,the occultees are really bad in that department so they have to have orgies,it is called displacement.making love is not some paedaphillic experience or orgy full of sad sagging breasts & that the men.in ye olde days homosexuals were considered foul,so they had to resort to drugs etc,now they can marry it is only the bushes that are left.get rid of him.people are rioting worldwide.


so what if you could time travel,you would be without your loved ones.burdenend with a life of having to create history.


the new world order can be stopped.



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