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alien experience


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the greys are some kind of robot they've been rogering us for years.the little blue ones are little gremlins,cheeky.don't believe one word they say.then there are the healers.they have triangle hats they heal with light.the reptile ones i've never seen them so i cannot comment.


andy pero's events of children & woman underground is true.


the new world order will be stopped it is only this era of faggots after them,it is over.you see gay isn't wrong anymore heck you can marry & adopt,the closeted days are over.


now to stop the ne wage/order it's very simple,don't buy their products,it's not hard to work out whose the sicko's.the cult use yellow as thier colour for the sun the old eqyptian religion where people ate hearts.& light blue,to represent the supposed anti-christs eyes.bush & arnie don't walk out the door without thier gold,yellow ties & light blue shirts.bless them.love maria's yellow sweaters they probably were bought for her by her girlfriend.oh you don't know about arnies & maria's gay marraige open secret in crappywood,every child of theirs is testube,those reports he was obscene with other woman her reply was i know my husband yes you do maria & you know it's the men he likes.back to colours,purple & red that's the old school of colours.


if it is true that reptiles are running the world i beseech you don't make the next leaders so obviously stupid,i mean it.we are human beings yes we buy utter crap but nobody likes to be openly treated as a fool.


i would ease up on credit cards,bush's money is running out the american economy has no choice but to take a dive,as planned.i was only 14 when i met bush he walked into the room & said you're dead i replied wot a common little man you are,his jaw dropped as nobody had ever bothered to tell him,now that's real hatred when nobody can even be bothered to put you down.he spluttered my daddy i replied aren't you too old to call him daddy,he was floored,he then told me the whole crappy phrophecy.even told me he was on coke & that he had a tan for the esta god,i was only 14 & had survived a brutal attack by satanics so he wasn't just being nasty he was being so very cruel.i then said silence you bore me & i have to tell you i can't believe i let him go on for so long.he then smirked & said you'll be safe now.i do remember he said he looked like my nana,i don't know how i didn't ask him for a light.his wife came into the room & was so very cold.bush & his wife where then sent to their room,it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon.it was at the pruets farmhouse in kansas they are cousins of the chases bank people.hello lovely holiday,i really hope your life has been full of pain the whole lot of you.


bush could be put away for this murderous tirade that he calls a war.the whole thing was recorded so this isn't anything new.


bush like all occultee's are petrified of the truth.i'm not alone in their treatment just put it on the internet,the only one that names names is david icke.


life goes on & it should be with a song.



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