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Recycleing, how to do this??


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You recycle trash as this is a viable resource and what you throw away, can sometimes be a resource for others, or your community.


Pop, or soda cans, can be cleaned and crushed.They can be placed in a lower temperature furnace and remelted back into usfully items..


Glass, all kinds clear or colored, can be remelted in a high temperature furnace and made back into useful containers.


Plastics, all kinds can be rinsed, shredded in an industrial shredder and utilized back into forced rammed shapes, or items.


Paper, all types can be washed, mixed into a slurry and made back into products.


Clothes, can even be recycled, back into useful products, if this cloth, is treated as a semi-lamb sources and rewoven.


Tin cans, steel aerosol cans, can be crushed and fed into a medium furnace, to where this metal can be poured into useful shapes once more.


Most times, that you throw away, if you look at them carefully, in some way, can be reprocessed back into new ones, if you take the time to calculate how to do this?



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