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Buildiong clay dirt ovens


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I have nothing with me this day.


No book, no drawings, on what I can say.


In the future is calamity be, then please don't get mad and climb a tree.


For it is fortuitdness and a shovel be, please little ones, come play with me?/


* The dirt oven:


Dig a round hole, some five ffot in circumference.


Make the depth, about three feet down.Now with dirt, build a small bridge, so that a round bowl can be placed on the bottom of this hold, that you can slide a small tree branch into.


You should make this out of rock and clay.# Note make a mud bath, by digging a hole in the ground, next to your main excavation?


You place your mud and water in there and make at least three to four hundred pound of mud stucco mix.


When the fire burns, you have a place where you've placed you scrap metal, however a wind can get under it.


The top of the oven, can be made of riverbed clay, or mud, but rocks with be the outer bowl structure, but these rocks, must be covered in mud, as mud acts as an insulator.$ Add either old grass, or weeds to the mixture of wet mud, in your resource hole.


What this does, is sticks, the mud together, so it works as one piece, and does not fall off, after it has fired.


Take an old seven inch across, rotten tree and mud this in vertically, so that the tree goes all the way to the floor of the pit.


Mud this all over, using old wire, or something that will not burn, once its hot.


The tree sticks out of the top of the over, once the dome has been added.


A door should be put in the from, but this door should not be too small.


After you mud and wire everything together and it dries, you will need a curing fire to harden the mud.


You will need to fill the confines inside of the oven, with sticks, tree branches and old newspaper.


The heat of the fire will drive out the moisture, left in the mud or clay.


Scratch in the dirt, design consortium:


What your doing, is sucking in cold air, so that it goes beneath the arch, of where the scrap iron or steel is, so that by adding an extra blowing force, you can superheat your fuel air mixtures, to near the point of melting the iron or steel.


You can go to an abandoned junk yard, to find a fan blade, on a pulley, that you can add to the top of the dead tree branch, which will burnt out, so leaving a hollow, which will act as an air flume.


By adding a fan, you can accelerate the velocity of air, and really super heat the burning wood, turned to a clowing coal like material, when you make your first batch of iron.


You should with a branch draw out the half section, of how you oven will work.


You need an enclosed area.


The construction had both wire, if you can find it and grass, weed, or straw in it, to hold things together.


The inner foundation of this oven, can be made of stone, but the stone blocks, must be coated with the mud mixture.


So the hot air is constantly blown in the bottom of the pit, to where it is white hot, all of the time.


You will have to figure out the rest of this design, however you will also need either a ladle, or a gate, that when broken down, will allow the flow of hot metal into a mold.


I had nothing but my mind and hands when I wrote this.


You on the other end, if you have little or almost nothing, could probably build an over, to make liquid metals, in order to cast.


Don't give up.If at first you don't succeed, try it again.





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