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Future Scientists and origin of universe..


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I was going to post a very abstract answer there, But i think that only RMT would get it!


I don't think so, no.


I think that you will find that paradoxes will always find a way not to exist. wether its a universal 'loophole', or the total collapse of a dimension for example (i'm classing a 'dimension' here as one manifestation of an alterante material universe as i dont much know about the workings of non-material ones).


I think it is absurd to think that people in a physical incarnation will ever actually have the means at their disposal (all based within the 3rd and possibly 4th dimesnion) to create the universe.


In the distant future they will have the means to manipulate it, but never the scenario what you are putting forward.


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Could future scientists be responsible for the origin of the universe?


Its actually a very interesting question and the answer isn't quite self-evident. Its theoretically possible even if not very likely.


Igor Novikov is a theoretical physicist who has been working on time travel solutions for many years. He's been researching self-consistency issues (paradoxes) looking for solutions to the problem. He's even coined a legitimate term - jinn. It comes from the Arabic word jinni (Genie). Jinns are particles that are caught in a closed time-like curve (CTC). They have a circular path through time-space. They have no creation point and they never decay. They just "are" - like magic - never having been created.


He even postulates that it might be possible for the particle to interact with itself if it were to loop back and meet itself in the past.


He's posed some theoretical work that just might allow for such particles to exist. The math and theory seem to work at near Planck's Length but they probably don't work on the macro scale (which obviously would include the entire universe).


But...who knows?


Here's a link to one of his major papers on Lanl:


"Time machines and the Principle of Self-Consistency as a consequence of the Principle of Stationary Action"




The paper was peer reviewed and accepted for publication Int.J.Mod.Phys. D5 (1996) 445-480.



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