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Very advanced androids, bots in time travel


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Very advanced androids, in time travel:


I feel that there might be future versions of androids, who have surreptitiously, traveled to other times.


This series of times we are in, as you read this, might be within these times?


I use abstracts to convey what we, or you the reader are dealing with.


Within the Gene Roddenberry series, Star Trek Next Generations, there is shown the creation of android, or mechanicals man, known as Data, pronounced Dai'ta.


Data is a proposed android of the future, created by a rouge robotasist, by the name of Nugen Sung. The first name is pronounced, New-yen and the second is sunng.


Sung is a prodigy with the most advanced levels of robotacry, as sung develops what is known, as the posatronic, or inter-dependent factoring self brain, for androids.


Sung is a bit of an odd character, as he become almost totally obsessed with his work, in his perspective, to both build these very advanced bots. Not only this accomplishment, however to understand them as fractionate sentients, within their own rite.


Sung develops two androids. One later becomes a Commander Data, of the Federation and the other, is a mistake, or a darker intonement, which is Lore. Lor, is not a very nice android, and seems to be the anti-synthesis, of all that Data has become?


In proposed time travel, if you had, or owned, as this time says, a version of an android such as Data, there would be no peer, to this type of being, in time travel.


The way the script is worked out, Data is an extremely cool-headed sentient bot, in his ability to discern very complex scientific information.


In one particular show, Data must close a time-well, which is a fountain of plane differences, of a number of different times, all reacting, within the approximate same locale.


In the scene, Data enters the time doctors laboutry and is confronted by constantly changing planes of time, within replicating window frames, each time its own.


Data approaches this collection of time frames, and once he enters the event well, becomes replicated into at least three to five versions of himself.


Anyone human, unless they were either very well trained to do this, or were a cyborg, would have panicked.


This was not the case with Data.All he did, holding his tricorder, which is a type of portable scientic instrument, does, is to note that there are more than three or four versions of himself, account for this, chose the right version of his future self, then sealed, the time well.


*There is one other version of an android, who is also a fair scientist, in her own rite, and this was Juliana Sung, Nugen's wife.


> This is a new and exciting territory, as this area, of very advanced androids, taxes the very best and rigorous of scientific minds.


This platia also offers the parable, if a being is made from the mech machine continuum, however raised as a human would be, then by a higher power, what are their rights?


No easy answers here.


This disclosure, is part of all of the other disclosure, dealing with and asking you the reader, about time.


What is time, how did time become created and in what capacity, if any do we have a right to meddle with this unknown quantity?





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