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Hist BOT, microtechnologies


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There is at this time, a lack of chronicles, as in past times, there was always an adept historian, who added mirth, reason, to the times they were in.


This is no such contrivance, it seems within this very critical time, that the principles of this time, find themselves in.


The new subject here, is the area of study, or genetics and mico-nano-technologies.


There is not, it seems, a qualified historical, who would want to tackle this subject.This is as the complexities, of dealing with such, are so ever, far, reaching.


The times as they are, give intimation to rise, of a sceintific culture, sacrosanct, hidden, that is almost dabbling in the area, of genesis itself.


This is very odd stuff, as in many ways, the products of these works, approach the creational finger, of God.


What they seem to be doing, at this date, is to start to devise methods, to where micro-nanotechnologies, can be blended with human, or otherwise, animal DNA synthesis.


This is touchy stuff, as at the developmental levels mentioned, mankind simply does not know what happens with either altered forms of mankind?This known, nor, nor to mankind, woman, "if you will", when microbots, the near size of bacteria, or smaller are added to the body.


The rule of generals dictate, "That I must have soldiers, warriors, that are fearless, talented, inventive.Soldiers that are placed above the rest, so that when the orders are given, to take that certain objective, we shall come back, triumphant"!


What is not known, at this point in time, is what happens to the human bodie's cellular memories, once the carrying host has been given a nano-microbot injection.


Im sure this injection, might register on the order of about two to three good sized coffee cups. This measuirement of quantiy; in order for the cell nano-microbot morphology to take over.


Hence, in theory, a nao-warrior, or some such other contrivance, could be produced.


The areas of noncertainy, with reference to the what-will-it-do equation, are that in what way, if any, does this measure of modification, affect the host and then this host placed upon the rest of society?


I fear that this is an undeterminable prophetic equation, that even the most ardent of sly trigonmic values, of a wide philosophy, could not come to answer.


I mean' they have a philosopher, "I think his name is", a block long super-computer, placed underground on the grounds of Fort George Mead? The clairessence, of breadth, forward values, such as mitosis, within the birthing process, further; as to where these are new and viable embryos.___these answers do not readily trickle forth.


I think somewhere, within the whole of the academic process, as this process values a fair placement.Here-yee, of this brand new technology, there are aspersions that these nano-technology applications, would in some way become efficacious?


This note, this bronze, struck by hammer stamp cast, the avarice of other intentions, with relegates to armed conflicts, does seem to be a cloud, placed upon the horizon of mankind.


The point of inprovment of man, womankind, is that under the hiduskis of hygenia,> (that there shall be clairent administrings, to those in need", is the quid pro quoe.Why man, within the taxisis, of menna quesanna, or healthy mind, healthy body, does lay down these precepts.


The baby born as an offspring of these inputs, then posably to miscreant.The determination to man, stipulates, > that no worthy commander, shall at any time, when the technology is available, be denied their assured to aims, victories.\


Man as God, as Adam put in the classical genesis program, that it was God that lifted his finger to man, is what is at stake value.


These conclusion rolled out so far, as deliveries of balled masses, to be placed as philosophic games, do not, in the positive, nor negative.


What is clear here, with the placements of this new technology, is that by chance, this new invention of a superman, or superwoman, could get away from the reigns that hold it now?


From Star Trek, the motion pictures: We had found that it was the aim of the Federation, that in its wisdom, of the conflicts being so horrible. Now, with blaanced scientific realizations, that the luster of being able to grow things, was needed on a mass scale, that the Genesis device was born.


We as a council, had looked backwards to the twentieth century. They had found, that the horrors of the early eugenics wars, had with hindsight, become too uncivilized to comprehend.


We had invented Genesis.The device which would give life, as a host to any lifeless world:



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