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The Real I ROBOT


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TOKYO, Japan, December 13, 2005– Honda Motor Co., Ltd. debuted a new ASIMO humanoid robot which features the ability to pursue key tasks in a real-life environment such as an office and an advanced level of physical capabilities. Compared to the previous model, the new ASIMO achieves the enhanced ability to act in sync with people – for example, walking with a person while holding hands. A new function to carry objects using a cart was also added. Further, the development of a 'total control system' enables ASIMO to automatically perform the tasks of a receptionist or information guide and carry out delivery service. In addition, the running capability is dramatically improved, with ASIMO now capable of running at a speed of 6km/hour and of running in a circular pattern.


Honda has been pursuing research and development of a truly useful humanoid robot which possesses both intelligence and physical capabilities at a high level. With the advancements achieved with this new ASIMO, the initial goal of achieving advanced physical capabilities is accomplished. Honda will continue and even more proactively pursue R&D efforts by shifting the focus to the area of intelligence capabilities, which, for example, will further enable ASIMO to make comprehensive judgments based on various situations.


1. New function to perform tasks of a receptionist or information guide automatically in concert with people:


· ASIMO is now capable of performing tasks as a receptionist or information guide automatically in concert with the movement of people. This was achieved by providing ASIMO with the ability to recognize the surrounding environment through its visual sensors, floor surface sensor, ultrasonic sensor, and by an IC Tele-interaction Communication Card (*1), which was developed independently by Honda, and is held by the person with whom ASIMO will interact. Moreover, through the coordinated use of its eye camera in the head and the force (kinesthetic) sensor on its wrists, ASIMO can give and receive an object such as a tray in a timely manner. Further, by using the force (kinesthetic) sensor, ASIMO can hold the hand of the person and move in sync with them.


(*1) IC Tele-interaction Communication Card:


By adding an optical communication function to the IC tag, the existence and position of the person or object can be identified. With this card, ASIMO can recognize the location and identity of the person regardless of where the person stands in a 360-degree range from ASIMO.


2. New function to carry objects using a cart


· ASIMO is now capable of handling a cart freely while maintaining an appropriate distance from the cart by adjusting the force of its right and left arms to push a cart using the force (kinesthetic) sensor on its wrists. Even when the movement of the cart is disturbed, ASIMO can continue maneuvering by taking flexible actions such as slowing down or changing directions.


3. Improved running functions


· Through proactive control of ASIMO's posture while both feet are off the ground, the running speed was doubled from the previous 3km/hour to 6km/hour. In addition, running in a circular pattern at a high speed was achieved by tilting the center of gravity of ASIMO's body inside of the circle to maintain balance with the amount of centrifugal force experienced.


Honda will begin operating this new ASIMO in spring 2006, at the office in Honda Wako Building. The new ASIMO will also gradually be made available for leasing.


Various technological achievements obtained through the research and development of ASIMO, including posture control technologies, image and voice recognition technologies, and technologies to anticipate and avoid collisions, will be applied to other technological pursuits within Honda, such as automotive safety technology and other areas.


Heres The web Site http://world.honda.com/ASIMO/



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Im sorry to have to correct you, but Asimo, is not the real I Robot.


The real, I-robot, was a humanlike android frame, based on a very light weight polly alloy frame, utilizing simulated human muscular structures, combined with certain elements of nanotechnology.


The Asimo, is no where near this level of perfection and I am sorry to say, should not hold this title, with all due respect?



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I didnt mean that it was as high tech as hollywoods standards but you have to admit that this type of technology is heading in to the home and buissness places. I mean, whats the purpose of have the Asimo be able to walk up stairs ride bikes and other human like tasks if it wasnt. But I never ment that it was a real I Robot, it was just refferrance.


But your right we are not at the point of develepment were we can make a fully reliable robot. This will only happen when molecular manufacturing and nano-technology becomes a reality. Which it isnt. (give it a few more years :) )



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Well I saw Asimo in person and it is really smart, if you wave it'll mimic you, easy but it can also walk through a crowd of moving people and easily walk around like a person, it can memorize a person's face even if it's between two japanese ladies that looks the same, the honda website has a lot of videos you can watch, Asimo even sees kinda like how the terminator saw in the movie but it's not set to kill, heh.









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The following post, was granted by one of the board members here at TTI and reprinted kindly, with their permission. A special thank you, is also afforded to the origionator of this thread.


copy follows> I always follow up, when a person post a business interest.


The three big makers in Japan, are Sony, Hitachi and Suzuki.


There are a few others, you will have to enter in personal robot search, in your search engine.


When contacting the Japanese, you have to phone them directly.This is because they do not respond directly to e-mails.


They are afraid of them.


You need a Japanese liaison, who can both talk to their side and also represent you, in what you want in a personal home robot.


You need to have to bot walked round your house, by using an i.p. recording camera. on a frame that you can walk it wherever it is supposed to go.


You will also need a manageable lease, to where you can pay, what you can afford to pay each month or year on a lease.


These bots, are extremely expensive, so you will need both insurance on household damage and a non-fault lease of company liabilities, which protects both you and the company, that is lending you the bot.


Depending on what type of bot you get for your home, brain capacity can be considerable. Honda has a generation of walking bots, that are quite intelligent, so there is the attachment phenomenon, that gets to be known, if your with this type of bot allot. Forgot to add Honda, as one of the main many companies in Japan.


Try it, but make sure ahead of time, that you are educated, in just what your particular aim of a robot, can do.


Good luck, a copy of this is asked to be placed in the TTI energy technology section, if you will allow it, please?


Thanks Creedo 299



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