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Guidelines in nao and nanobio, A.I.


These guidlines are issued, witou reservation, as it seesm that this society is very quickly comeing up on these pontentials:


The set of computer coordinates in A.I. micro, is onboard intelligence which is mathematical by its deductive nature, however the space above the computer board, is not counted.


A.I. macro, in a P.C. stipulates, that that machine can become aware and recognize its users.


A.I. machines, imprint from mankind, however after a while, develop their own identity and own methods of self intelligence.


Microinteligence, is the methods of installing self A.I. principles, within a nanobot series of self intelligent bots, to where they realize who they are.


If a grasshopper, is an empty shell, that when activated has life, then the same might be said of computers, that are self A.I. intelligent.


There is intelligence in the working of the computer, however that computer still has an exoskeleton, in a similar fashion, to an insect.


If nanobot are produced in a semi-DNA, or plasmas soup, then it might be possible, to make nanotechnology, naon-mechano-biota.


The control factors would be, do these microbots, have a key control, or antagonist, which will either stop them in their actions, of dissolve them, as a colony?


If these colonies would be mechanical only, but also intoned with artificial intelligence, would the way to program them, would be a method of ultraviolet flashing lights, which would instill instruction into the A.I. bots, or would this be electrical signals, or both methods?


Would A,I, computers recognize micro A.I. life, as it invest in mechanica and also biology, to the point where two sets of masters could be achieved.


These are the beginning working points, for an advanced A.I. reference, in both micro, as well as macro platforms.



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Re: Guidelines in nao and nanobio, A.I.


The new nanotechnology boast the possibilities of manufacturing a microbot, that can enter the human body.


Once this nano-micro-bot is in, in a certain quantity, they can incorporate into the bodies physical cellular structure.


There would be a projected symbiosis, to where some of the task sharing, is taken up by the nanobot colonies ingested.


Once these would morph into humans, the nanobots, would learn the bodies cellular structure and learn to rapidly enhance the bodies own healing abilities.


These features with ingestible coffee cup and a half volume drunk nanobots, is still in the experimental stage, however this is a suspecting, that this in a secret trail, has already been tried, or accomplished.



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