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It seems we have a new contender for prediction title...


2006 - Stephen Harper Elected Canadian PM


2006 - Steelers Win SuperBowl >


2008 - Alex Jones is still warning about martial law but has a different name to curse out.


2012 - George Noery retires and than Ian guy does the M-F timeslot for him.


- It'll be a normal year but people will learn a lot about the Mayans


2025 - "The Hat" is introduced, available in many styles from french barret to davey crocket


to that upside down-slightly to the side-visor thing the kids wear. It is a new input


device making the keyboard and mouse obsolete. I complain about this a lot to anyone


who will listen because I had the idea first but nobody would help me make it.




FUTURE - I'm from the future so I feel I should tell you this Avian flu turns out like SARS


and the virus AFTER this one is what anyone outside of North America should really


be worried about.


Im not saying the bird flu is worth ignoring. Municipal governments had been given


orders more than a year ago to practice scenario after scenario for how to deal


with the bird flu if it ever gets anywhere near North America. The best thing to


do in the event of a pandemic is to remain calm and trust your government


officials because hey, you elected them.


So many people starve to death every day and I just cant get over that to start


worrying about people with too many chickens on their farm.


This site just gets more and more interesting...


Welcome Bogz... Anymore predictions? :)





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By your standards you should REALLY, REALLY be giving me credit for predicting the Wayne Gretzky gambling story.


I don't want to talk about NBA just yet. I spilled it on the Senators and they dropped back a bit. That wasn't supposed to happen. I might have changed the worldline somehow and ruined it for the Sens. It looks like someone is fixing games and Ottawa won't make it past Boston.

You see, fixing games, you don't do that unless you have money to win and Wayne Gretzky's wife was just brought up on charges for placing bets for Wayne. So I predicted it.
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I'll have to go to the judges on this one... Betting and Fixing games are 2 different things...


Are you saying the Janet Jones Betting Ring is Fixing Games Too? :)


I'll be more than happy to update the list for you...


But accuracy and phrasing are important for validity...


I'm impressed so far... Are you sure you don't have more predictions? :)





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Don't add olympic gold to the list. I'm not predicting sports until a day before the event because of a recent drop in rank for our Senators that should not have happened.


I was being sarcastic about the betting ring. Some people, I'm not saying you do this, give other posters credit for predictions with less... The purpose of my predictions staying with Informer's thread is to show that I have more credibility than Informer, so if anyone is looking for answers and willing to listen to some guy from the future, they will believe me, a happy conservative.



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