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History BOT thugiziation of posting board


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It has been intimated not only here, but in many other posting boards, that these boards are from time to time invaded by its seems, paid thugs?


The appearance of these types of posters, it seems to either impress their views, or to obstruct the posting boards, of their normal flow of ideas. So that in a measure, this posting board, is either over-controlled or has an established way of view, to some political concern expressed.


The most noteworthy, was the obstruction and invasion of an aerospace private posting board, to the point where both phone calls and death threats were made.These threats, to the professional posters, at this one aerospace posting board.


Events proceeded to the gravity, where police reports were filed and certain members, who were posting in a mal-intented way, were asked by police, why they were doing such?


I do not know if this is a phase, or is an indication of something natural, in the fabric of this Earthbased society, however far and wide, this does seem to occur every now and then, to being frequent.


Other notes, are the issuance of the movie, Brokeback Mountain, which has many cow-men questioning as to why they made this film.


There is some intimation, that a known executive, highly placed in government, might himself, have a classic historic sexual ambiguity.


I wont venture a comment here.


The robot consortiums, are not viewed as favored to be released to everyday use, to the general public at this time, even though this technology, is over five years old now.


They can design and build a complex Japanese auto sedan, in under one years time. However a release to the general public, of a walking grade of household robot, does not seem clarent at this point in time.


Alvin Toffler's effects from the Future Shock book, seem now blended into the society, as a part of an effect.


This might in some way, dampen the hysteria, that Toffler saw, as to where more common many was literally overcome with modern technology of the future.


Bioeffects of overmass population, are still not graphed and figured at this time, even though those in authority would have the ability to do so.


There are no public bases on Earth's moon, at this time, that can acombidate over a thousand people, that are known to Earth.


There is no deep set space program, that can take people deep into space, inspite of the part govern,ment given special, UFO Cover-up Live, telling that deep space was inhabited by all sorts of aliens.



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