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Problem areas of recycling.


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A micro-community can be established, if there is a concerted participation, plus concern, to all the members of that particular community.


The problem areas in recycling, is that this process is a low technology, so is therefore not a finer protection value, to the person, persons doing this act.


There are hazardous waste, that are generated in some forms of recycling.


So there must be, in a micro-community, a recycling master, who is adept at this sort of technology.


Without an awareness of who and what responsibilities, are afforded to the recyclers, the process falters.


Subject sub headings.


1 The gathering of recyclables.


2.What is determined as a recyclable.


3.Assignment of officers to a recycling group.


4.The set-up of a physical plant, for recycling itself.


5.The understanding and the actuation of the process of recycling itself.


6.An economical look at recycling without monies, but an alternate method of payment.


7.Problem areas of recycling.>The removal of any toxicity, from the recyclables themselves, to be caped, or utilized.


8.The overall maintenance of a primitive, or micro-community recycling plant.



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