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In this era:


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Help us please, call the police or emergency officials immediately!:


In this era, mankind is now starting to faze in with electronic devices.


There is the cell phone, the I-Pod and a host of other carry-along electronic devices, which are now starting to phase into man's being.


In this time, there is some placidness, however under the realm of overexpansion, without the adage of space travel, for mankind.


Society becomes infinitely more complex, however mankind on Earth, as we know him, still stays in one place.


The sea of electronic devices, is now what denotes mankind.


There are earmarks that man has certainly changed.


You wimen no longer care about their private affairs and profess intimate details of their lives, much the same way a cow poops openly in a pasture.


At airports, you see people waiting to board airliners, hooked up to their business offices and they never quit talking.


If you want sex, or a companion, at this time, there is little problem in find this need, due to the glut of offers that floods into ones private e-mails, as part of the everyday mails.


There is now no-fault police brutality, to where if the police suspect even the wrong person of doing the crime, and over-react, then his or her lawyers, can sue for recompense.


There are spin doctors, whose job it is, that when the military does something horrible, that these specialist will come in and make it appear as either a calculable risk, or a misunderstanding.


Music is certainly odd, taking a macabre back road to normalcy, with the characters performing the music, to appear as either degenerate, or to be something from a horror film.


There is allot that is odd about this time, however planes still fly, trains go to their destinations and people, in some form of economy still buy things.


This is the era of the pre, or actual superhuman, which is the for-runner of the genetically altered person, or the nano-made person, which is due to arrive on the scene.


& The odd thing, as I remember, that all contrivances, that are artificial, do take on a life of their own.


In this case, they digress, crawl up on the top shelf and then jump on the person that it was supposed to have helped.



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Does cause one to ponder the effects of all these electronic gizmos. I remember my friends telling me how they used to drive the bats crazy with the radio controller for a model airplane. The frequencies happen to interfere with the transmission that the bats used to fly.


What effects do all these frequencies have on mankind?


And if ever all these electronic devices quit working, for whatever reason, then what?


Self-Reliance is a thing of the past. Very few could survive if they had to rely on mechanical devices that dont use electricity. Even here, living in the heart of the country in Texas, surrounded by plenty of cattle, horses, deer, and other food supplies, water is pumped from 600' to 1000' wells. So much for the pump if the electricity quits. However, as windy as it gets in these parts, a windmill would certainly have to be used, and there are a few around here.


What suprised me is that my daughter actually says a pledge to the State of Texas, after the U.S. pledge....


"Honor the Texas flag;


I pledge allegiance to thee,


Texas, one and indivisible."


Hmmmm...still thoughts of seperation from the Union?



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Yes, you have a point there.


In Americas Funniest Videos, there was a short, of vacationers, one have given a small monkey a ride on the back of his head.


Almost instantly, the monkey started to hump the back of his neck.


This is what Im worried about, does this new gleaming edifice, of microtechnolgy, have plans in store for us, in a similar fashion?



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