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What truly defines time travel?


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Just thought I'd share this since I never understood it all..(I'm hoping someone who reads this may have had a similar experience) After coming across this site and reading the topics I'm sure out here someone will relate.


I don't know what to call what I saw and experienced.


I am a very skeptical person by nature to start with but when these things happen it's hard for me to ignore them. At times I like to just forget it. I know some will say it's all in the imagination but some things I just can't write off.


I will never forget the first incident. It was on my seventh birthday. I had got into bed and as I fell asleep or maybe was already asleep I felt someone say something. Didn't hear a voice but just knew without talking what was being told to me.


I remember being scared and then a calming sensation came over me. I was told not to worry and that I would be leaving my room to go with them. I never saw a face so don't know who they would have been. After that, all was a blank. The mind talk and the fear I felt that night was enough for me to shut down for a while. Never spoke of it then. One piece of this I can't write off as merely dreaming is the physical scar that accompanied that night. It's located on my ear. I have no memory of how it came to be located there. It would make sense that some kind of ID is given. Kind of like what we do to our cattle with branding.


Then again in my twenties a similar experience occurred. This time the situation wasn't as friendly. I can remember having that fear sensation attack me like lightning. Best way to describe it is like when you know something will happen because instincts takes over. Adrenalin starts pumping. I felt so tired at that moment so much so that I had to immediately lay down. This was in the day mind you and I was not sleepy moments before all this began. As I starting to fall asleep it became clear to me that a mind struggle or mind control was taking place. I was paralyzed. Unable to move. Almost fighting to stay awake. I could not even open my eyes as much as I tried to. I could hear talking but not in the normal sense. The weirdest thing about this incident was it felt like I was only laying down for a minute but in reality a few hours had passed because when I woke it was night time.


Only one other time did an incident like this come to pass again as described above. This time was a few years later and I was at home with my son who was around two or three at the time. Last thing I could remember was I had more anger over fear. My son was right next to me when he suddenly got sleepy as well.


Then a couple of months after, I was shown things or told how to do things while in the dream like state. what I don't understand is the cord I saw on my back in one of these states. I could see myself sleeping yet was flying over my body. Almost afraid to go higher up and get disconnected. In such a state you could literally be any place with just a thought. You can experience any sensation with a thought on command is the only way I know how to describe it.


One particular vision I had after the cord sensation was related to a map in the sky. I was mind talking again in dream state. A very clear shield or glass like panel surrounded my area from top to bottom side to side. It was so clear it felt as if I was standing on air. I did not understand the coordinates. I was given a name of that location. It was not with letters. It was in numbers. So many little stars. All like grains of sand in pure darkness..With beams shining of orange on one end. You move through pulsation in a sense. Another words, so fast is the travel that you do not even feel like you are moving. It's so powerful that this sonic energy will surpass anything that we are familiar with by current technology standards. Electricity will be to our future generations what candles were to our ancestors.


A few other visions I saw dealt with massive massive flooding.


So deep that water covered parts of land that were once cities with tall buildings. Then I was shown an area of land near mountains. I saw people running to get to the top. Some of the visions contradict what I see. I think confusion comes because they are spread apart in duration over many years to come? For example, another vision I saw fire...the smell was horrible. People thirsty for water and none to be found. Skin burned and smoke filled air for a long time. I ask myself, how is there fire with all that flooding? The nature of the unexpectedness of it all leaves few prepared. No time to have much warning. It comes fast like huge rocks falling..


One other vision was related to Cancer. I was shown an image of what looked like a spiral of wires almost like what our DNA looks like. With a clear clear image of a red blood cell right in the middle of it. Surrounding the spiral was a umbilical cord.


Thick and yet tan ish in color. I was shown some kind of nutrients being taken from the thick cord along with a plasma like substance being interwoven around the spiral wires. It was clear to me from the moving spiral that there is only one main network or cluster that would benefit from the connection. On one end of the cord a thin layer is peeled off with the inside of the cord being exposed about a half inch. So frustrating not to be able to understand terms that were given to me. It's like going to a foreign place and not being able to communicate in the native tongue but you knew what emotions were being felt because you could read the look of the faces.


I was given the date Dec. 25 at around midnight in another one of the dreams. It was fast forward into time. I could see a man of fair skin talking with his wife on the phone. He was in military uniform from my soil but so far away from her. In that conversation to his wife he told her that war is about to enter onto US ground. Scandal will surround this man on the first day of the new year.


I try and keep a journal when it's all fresh in the mind..Some things I saw are more detailed then what I have posted here. I just want to keep it simple because even I don't understand most of the information I see. I wonder where the line is between dreams and reality. Maybe the powers that be want to keep it that way. There are entities both good and bad. I would not dismiss the fact of all the doom warnings since not all are as such. Given the information regarding the progress I saw in the medical and technological arenas I have to take the good with the bad. We can't filter that factor out or decide what is best to accept because we like one vision over the other. The fact that I can't comprehend what is being shown to me is a snag since I have no formal training in any one particular subject. I have no shame in sharing the fact that I never even completed high school. I do know that what ever messages are sent to me or others like me should be shared. We are all an important part of a puzzle no matter what role we play in it.


what truly defines time travel? Are dreams a method into the doorways of past and future or just a creative form of energy release from the sub conscious mind? Maybe both. The full power of the human brain is still grossly underdeveloped. I have at times been able to also go back into the past putting my abilities to the test. Preparing a certain time frame in my mind before I sleep on some nights. That is a catch twenty two though. Purposely focusing on a set event could explain why someone would see a vision and yet not necessary mean they were actually there. With no way to confirm if the people I saw in those dream tests were really once alive. The clothing of the era may have been the same but when you go so far back into time you can only hope that a message received will have a missing link to an event for the future. That is the only way to prove a complete connection was made in my book. Something that is not yet common knowledge may not be taken very seriously. It's only when full understanding comes into play that a concept can be appreciated or accepted.


If we live in parallel worlds then the chance of having multiple outcomes in our history could be plausible. Even with paradox factors taken into consideration. It amazes me that people question the existence of life in outer space. Us being here on Earth is proof that life does exist. The true question is are we alone. I tend not to think so. Sometimes we look so hard for answers and yet they are right in front of us.


I respect a persons belief. Religious or scientific. I Am learning to keep an open mind with each day.



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Hi Annie,


Unfortunately I am on my way out of here. I am the TTA, one of the original posters part of the whole JT era of 6 yrs ago, long story. But you'll soon learn who he and I were if you stick around for awhile.


Well I can certainly relate to most of what you have described in your post. I too have gone through dreams that would lead me on, as well with visions, voices, manifestations, and like your time of registering, numerical synchronicity's.


I doubt you'll get very much feedback from the other TTI forum members in regards to the phenomena your experiencing. Or at least, I never did.


I hope you manage to make sense of it someday though, one bit of advice: Try and steer clear from following a New Age interpretation of it. In the grand scheme of it, no one is a winner, IMHO.





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Yeah, Lots of reading to catch up on here with...


Took me almost two hours just to read through


one of the older threads alone...lol


In any event, thanks for the warm words...& best wishes to you where ever your journey leads.





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It sounds like a classic description of alien abduction right down to the physical scar behind the ear.


I am not dismissing your story but I will provide a possible alternative to it. There is a medical condition known as sleep paralysis. It is very disturbing. The symptoms include the inability to move your body, partial or complete skeletal muscle paralysis and the episode can be associated with hypnagogic hallucinations. Basically, when you experience sleep paralysis you are in a sort of half in and half out type of situation of REM sleep. The hallucinations you experience in this state are often of the feeling that someone else is in the room or that you are being physically restrained. The hallucinations can be very intense.


I have experienced sleep paralysis off and on throughout my life. The worst one occurred during the summer of my 20th year. I hadnt been getting much sleep and it was very hot and humid. I laid down to goto sleep. And sometime during the night I woke up with unintelligable voices in my room and flashing green light and a great deal of air movement. I was unable to move or say anything. But I had the feeling that I was being lifted up. The only thing I could do was close and open my eyes. After a minute or two of this, I just closed my eyes. I guess I fell back to sleep because the next thing I know it is morning and my alarm clock was going off. I believe all the air movement I was feeling was from a circulating fan that I had close to the bed. Everything was a hallucination coupled with paralysis. I have woken up with the same sense of fear and inability to move since then but the hallucinations havent been present. Possibly because I sleep with a light on in my room now because of the sleep paralysis. :) I find the ability to fully see my surroundings when I am in this situation helps me relax and lose the initial feeling of fear.



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Annie if you are legit then please excuse this post. But this post sounds surprisingly like the garbage that Javier has spouted over the years, (abduction, lost time, astral projection, double digits, etc). It sounds suspicious because it ran the whole gamut of supernatural experiences that Javier lays claim to. LOL, also, since he was the only respondent to your thread. Could it be that Javier is trying to inject a deeper layer of connection here?


It hasn't taken long for the posters here to see how transparent and shallow Javier's posts are. He is being dismantled piece by piece and will soon disappear when he finally discovers that "the TTA" is a dead legend. Enjoy it while you can. He really is "history".



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It hasn't taken long for the posters here to see how transparent and shallow Javier's posts are.

No, not nearly as long as it's taken your posts to show the hatred and immaturity of your character.


He is being dismantled piece by piece and will soon disappear when he finally discovers that "the TTA" is a dead legend. Enjoy it while you can. He really is "history".

Yes, enjoy it Scannell, we can certainly see your thirst for blood in the TTA's demise.TTA



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LOL, you didn't need me for that Javier!! The TTA did in his own demise.


Have you read your own poll?




Looks like you'll have to keep using those different user names with cloaker IP address.



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