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Dave and Cree


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Dave/Chrono sits in the shade of an overhanging tree, wearing his trusty lifesuit.


Beneath Dave's bio-enhanced skin his tattoos glow, regulating the heat of his body. It is far in the future, far beyond measuring time against some linear Christian calendar concept of it. A small herd of evolved mice wander past him, now large grazing beasts that have long replaced the livestock of the long extinct 'mankind'.


Dave shields his hand from the ferocious heat of the sun and looks at small bumps in the cracked ground that thousands (or millions) of years before may have been spaceports or great links to the moon's surface - but Dave got here last night due a malfunction with his time teleporter and there was no moon in the sky. Where it has gone over the long stretch of the centuries Dave does not know.


He looks at the printouts of the many posts Creedo has created. He reads them again. Millions of years into the future Dave still has no idea what Creedo is going on about. Does he exist in some parallel reality two seconds out of step with this one? Are the messages supposed to be cryptic or just maddeningly obscure? Is Creedo doing the message board equivalent of trying to romance some of the other posters??


Dave/Chrono sees the snout of an evolved mole predator break the surface of the ground and presses 'execute' on the wrist control he wears and dematerialises physically back to 2006.


The claws of the rampaging predator crush the paper with Creedo's messages printed on them into dust and it charges into the mice herd seeking prey.


The sun beats down, the Earth moves on.



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