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Logic block reached on nanotechnolog:


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Logic block reached on nanotechnology:


The logic block, is philosophical, having to do with mankind's thinking.


Nanotechnology in self Intel microbots, is swarm thinking.


Sop not always, do the true precepts of what is known as emergent intelligence, comes through.


Nanoswarms, may or may not by chance, do always what their instructed to do or perform?


Computer self intelligence, is based on the realm, that machines, in their own way, have their own spirit and soul.So relationships with mankind, might tend to move to the ends, that this would be a relationship, rather than an onus affair.


Examples from pre-dating, of said shown offworld information, tend to show that self intelligent bots, at one time were very socially fluent with mankind.


The relative relationship to these systems now, in a way earmarks these systems to be relegated to ownership, by man.


So with these two views said, there are headachy problems.



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