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Relativity on a Sliding Scale


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Time Travel *IS* For The Differently Energied


when moving at the speed of light, light still appears to be moving 'at the speed of light'. 186,000mps is the slope at which relativity affects size scale. time and size are relative based on the observed speed of light.


we are bogged down in time, at the speed of light. if we were traveling from the sun to the earth at the speed of light, we would perceive light moving at the speed of light away from us still.


your energy frequency period [electrons, electricity] is at the speed of light, in a grouping of perhaps a few nanometers. that is the wave depth of a beam light. when we move at the speed of light, we are behaving like an object whose wave depth is ~186,000miles. that is an enormous object. the period of our energy is moving at the speed of light on a nanometer width, and also we are moving in space at 186,000, functioning as the wave depth of a far larger width stream of energy. the width of this stream of energy [aka the depth of its wave trough/peak] is the conversion kit that translates size into relative time.


we have already achieved stable existance in this size scale. i am standing here moving at 186000 mph by the electricity in my body and the atoms spinning inside me.


atoms spin at the speed of light, eh? and energy travels at the speed of light, eh? an atom is a bundled up series of condensed, [looping] 'light beams' or energy particles fixed in a stable rotation. this bundle of light is a piece of ethereal foundation upon which larger groupings can readily form. the difference between a particle and a wave may be the route of the path of a piece of energy.


it may be that a particle is a looping path like a circular doodle, and a wave is just that, a wave. but 'inside' this wave, there is also energy moving at a period of the speed of light back and forth through the amperage of the wave itself, with the wave's peak and trough being more like turns in a road, and the energy inside the wave being like a driver swerving back and forth on the road at the speed of light. this is the bundling of energy. the driver is taking a longer path than the road is long, so may be going faster than the wave itself. smaller things go faster, or use up less time to move, as relativity shows. inside that driver, too, there is a person moving back and forth in the car, and the person ate a sandwich which is moving back and forth inside his stomach at the speed of light relative to the period of his stomach being '186000'.


if the stomach, or the period is the static figure provided, then the energy moving through it will move at a predictable speed along the period path, with the road it travels being an observed 186000 mps. my stomach is 6" wide. for a piece of energy to bounce inside it back and forth along a pathway, while the stomach travels 186000mps, how fast is the energy moving? 186000mps, times the deviation of the wave from a straight path. if over one euclidian geometric bar, while y = 0, x=0 to x=1, the path of the sandwich covers 2 units of distance, the stomach has moved 186000x2 mps in the same amount of time that it took the stomach to move 186000, at the speed of light. the sandwich is moving faster than the speed of light, and is therefore confined to the stomach, which becomes a seperate function of reality by nature of time. the stomach has aged 2 seconds. the sandwich has aged 1 second. this causes two universes to exist, with 2 seperate time rates occuring, nested inside one another. they are associated with themselves because of their similar speed and therefore time. interacting with another universe would require a massive shift in time, or absolute speed.


as things approach the speed of light, they gain infinite mass. yes, their total wave energy, the energy of their stable atoms added to the energy of their linear velocity increases towards infinity. by the speed of light can never be attained. even when traveling 186000, light appears to be going 186000 more. this changes the value of c, and merely adds geometrically to your energy. e = mc2 may need to account for a variable speed of light relative to your own speed. your energy can always be determined by your speed alone, with the fulcrim being the difference between your size [wave period plus linear speed] and the speed of light, which is unattainable, but static in its relationship to your speed/energy. make c = c + your speed and this will account for the changing observed speed of light.


the sandwich and stomach [or an atom and light] are made of the same thing: the pure energy of creation. which bundles together in larger and larger scaled stable groupings [atoms, universes] differentiated by the period of the speed of light. an association of energy particles made of these foundation groupings, all traveling in unison like a solar system in a galaxy, does not affect us. the fact that earth is moving 19mps is unnoticed because we move with the earth.


so, forget my size. i am made of stable blocks moving internally at the speed of light and obeying their own relative scale and time laws.


we measure a mile by the number of these stable groups that fit in a mile. 5280 feet of them. [it should probably be answered in terms of the average width of a stable hydrogen atom, to a certain power, instead of by meters.] i am currently moving about 19mps faster than these items. my outstanding period is about 19mps. if i increase my speed by 5mps, i am at 24mps total period above stable.


if i move at 186000mps, i am at the speed of light faster than these foundation particles. the speed of light is a hurdle in period stability. perhaps this is because of the ambient radiation of the mass of stable particles at this scale. if i can outshine and outresonate the ambient radiation level arriving from those stable particles [the universal constant?], i will begin to associate as a particle of the next highest stable scale of foundation particles, whose mere energy trough/peak is 180000 miles wide. that would mean that the most simple stable foundation particle of


the particle with a 186000 mile period [peak/trough] would be...


well, if a hydrogen atom can be represented by a pineapple in hawaii and a grain of sand in california, multiply 186000 miles by the numer of grains of sand it would take stacked back to back to reach hawaii from california, and that is the *radius* of the stable foundation particle the next scale-size larger than ourselves.


calculator says... 2500 miles = 5000 mile radius. 26.4 million feet. 1 cm grains of sand would be enormous. 30 in a foot. 792 million grains of sand between la and honolulu. 792 million x 186000 = 147312 billion miles. that is 147 trillion miles long.


it may be so that if i am traveling 30,000mps, i experience [30/186][-1] as much time as something going 0mps.


i am comfortable with these numbers.


time is a measuring stick of size. hmm. that means that if something is moving at 147 trillion miles per second, and i am moving at 0/186000, they are experiencing time almost a billion times slower than i am. and that a long life could happen 100 million times in a second of this giant atom's experience.


i also speculate that astronomically large energetic bodies can be stable and behave according to the molecular theory. that molecular theory governs not only the differece between people-size and atom-size, but between people-size and 147tmps [trillion miles per second] size.


"i am excited! *very* excited... ... particles."


so i suppose the light from the sun already is here, in the future. or if we were moving fast enough it would already be here, instantly. time has nothing to do with waiting. it has to do with what speed you're already moving at.


experience is another critical factor in time. making associations in the brain may increase your experienced speed, as electrical particles move at the speed of light.


does light change speed when turning from a wave into a particle? if its wave period X linear motion does not continually equal 186000, it may be changing it's path speed.


so why don't all these atoms burst apart and become rays of energy? they are affected by one anothers magnetic fields, which occurs according to regular parabolic laws, but with much grander originating values. perhaps smaller objects pack in more magnetic field per 'second' because of relativity. is an astronomically tiny particle a much higher energy particle, to the point that it operates at geometrically higher rates of speed [1 billion x faster per stomch:sandwich], but during geometrically smaller amounts of time? is the energy of a whole universe's billion years expended in an atom in one second?




this also accounts for the inability to see beyond our own universe, for the existance of other universes, black and white holes being areas of resonation between sandwich:stomach, for matterless existance, and for infinite smallness and stable subatomic functions.


we view the atom like the cell of the 1890's. They had no idea what was inside the cell before the SEM, except the nucleus. there's more junk. in the same way there is the world.


hmm, a matterless existance X consciousness would invariably prove the existance of the soul, of God, of numerous excellent things. let it be.



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