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Time-travel discussion on myspace


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Well this in no way an ad, just a heads up, myspace whether you hate it or not is a massive network,


and I just set up a time-travel group on there, only to find there's already one on there with 1,800 members so I joined that one too, similar threads there as here, but most of the posts are pretty limited in the subject, and of course the token time-traveller hoax idiot pops in but it looks pretty decent, just wanted to inform you because it would be nice to have some more intelligent people added to the mix over there, for example most of them have never heard of john titor, which can be both good or bad but just lettin ya know. And since my profile is public you can see I'm not a female! sorry creedo didn't mean to confuse you, but you were the only one who seemed I was female even though I never said I was I was just more secretive back then now I don't care.


Myspace time-travel groups:


http://groups.myspace.com/timetravel (the big one)


http://groups.myspace.com/timetrav (my tiny group I just made it's new)


I will still keep my group running for the purposes of filtering out the idiots and have a more serious slant on the subject, it can be nothing but comedy to most people.



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