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He's getting better


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He's getting better


Ray is improving:


Olly, Ray seems to be changing.I don't know what it is, but I took him to the mall yesterday and this is what I recorded on my I-Pod.


Creedo to hair dresser. "Yeah' his head is a little big, I mean it looks weird, but that's no reason to deny him a haircut"?!


Creedo wrestles, then struggles with Ray, Put the damned gun away, muffled I-Pod falls to the floor.


Oh Ray' there's Pan and Gary, they must be shopping too! Hi (Ray starts to raise his arm and middle finger.


Creedo places his hat over Ray's hand and a slew of words start to issue to Gary and Pam. Cre puts a freshly bought dishtowel over Rays lower face and smiles to a lady, saying, "He's studying to be Islamic"!


2. Darby' I don't know if this will work.The color blind pills in his vitamins are one thing, but this is now a orange and pink 357 handgun?? Im not sure that we can pass this off to Ray.He's awfully smart!


3. Edit> Ray teaching a class: Do you think I give a rats as* about your personal lives!?Your all degenerates anyway.


I took these pictures of a 707 going through the altitudes, so you can all observe how moisture and humidity affect outer flowing surfaces.


On the model we built, edit, Ray points his fluorescents 357 at the model, which has a dowel rod stuck in the barrel, to act as a pointer.


A girl coughs in the upper seating, which engages Ray.Ray quickly swings around in his wheel chair and the weapon discharges and shoots off her cap. A security officer rushes into the auditorium.Ray simply says, ceiling tile fell and made a racket., I_Pod END>>>


He must be improving, but its these pills.I cant make out the label.Its South Par and the rest of the prescription label is worn off.


The pharmacist, wont tell me what they are??



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