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Two alternate versions of Rainmantime:


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This post is a must, as Rainman is such an influential poster, that alternate scenario Rainmantimes, must be offered for time traveling students.


The first alternate Rainman, is an architect, that is working on a version of the Habitat, mass produced version of the mass housing, which was shown at the Montreal Expo, years ago.


He is dressed in a three piece suit, and is talking with an architectural design student, over the drawings.


These living units, are canted and spaced, so that each independent living quarters, is uniquely different.


The way this building presents itself, is in similar fashion to a pile, rather than a stiff structure.


What he is talking over with the fourth year architectural student, is the problem of the porticos, having more light and air within these breezeways.Plus the problem, is you have over seven hundred to a thousand people who all have gardens and are afforded a growing cement, but drainable garden box, then how do you stop too much growing of marijuana, within these garden boxes.


So as he one ups his foot onto a drafting stool brace, he ask the student, how do you solve this problem?


The second alternate version of Rainmantime, is a solar cell energy expert, who affords workable technologies, for alternate forms of energy vehicles, as well as little community power schemes.


Again, he is a highly skilled technician and this time, is on the phone, saying that he is waiting for both high quality shipments of new embossable added onto large vehicle solar cells and that he was really not happy with the last shipment of supposed high quality solar cells.


All three versions of Rainman time, differ a little in their personal demeanors, however are all highly skilled designers, with drafting and creating abilities.


*For the student visiting here, it is important to know, realize that differing versions of Rainmantime, could be.



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