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History BOT insurance and J.T.


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There were two abduction accusations in the John Titor affair.


One was written by me and the other, a poster here, who was supposedly in on the John Titor affair.


I had asked specific questions as even under the rules of incorporation, if the U.S. does go into corporation status, instead of being a country enity, you, by law cannot hold an underwritten insurance policy on someone, without disclosing this value to them, if asked.


The said cobases, are said to be underwritttren in such a fashion.


So if a person who was possibly abducted ask for their file and white paper on agreement of nondisclosure, the government has to comply and send that file.


Mine was not, so in a measure this is what the argumentation with Pamela and Scanell was about.


Neither could disclose who they were, so in the end, the abductees get what?



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Im being nice and I was promised an explanation by someone on this board, as to what's going on.


To those in authority here and Im going to lay it on the line.They tell you never to disturb wild nest when you find them in nature, as the parents will abandoned the offspring.


With me, it's the same.


Gary Voss read me, Vivid Dreams did the same and two other psychics.


I read as half wizard.


Wizards are really funny beings, as if in certain ways, if you fiddle with them, especially their offspring in some ways, they will like wild animals abandoned their own.


I had asked Darby, TTA and Pamela, for a play by play on my missing time and this kid in another dimension, as described in Linda Howe's Earth.com, the teaching of special hybrid children.


They took this post out of Howe's page, last I checked.


Alight, there is a tracking device, on wizards, that they know specially when they've been taken.This is a leftover, from a long time back and a memory erasing pill, electric or otherwise, cannot confuse this tracking.


Simply put, I'm dumping the kid, as I had asked for a white paper, which I know you people have, but wont give me.


Don't and Im saying this twice, DON'T, ever abduct me and take me to this kid, as I absolutely want nothing to do with him now.


This is Darby's problem, take him.



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