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If Swashman did not impact?


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I find myself looking at what Pamela said, good or bad.


In her work here, she said that slight variances happening in the present, might so, every slightly modulate the future.


The thwarted impact of Comet Swashman Wachman, seems to be one of these modulating points.


I dare say, that there might be odd social scenarios, which comes forth from the not happened impact of Swashman.


Earth still does not have a mass transept, to other worlds.


This still poses the problem, if liberal offworld space travel is not allowed, then how does one relieve the overpopulation problem?


I don't want to say and improve eugenics war, or a planned assassination program, as Im looking to this future, with some hope.



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I have Ray, hes two years old.I am holding him.Hes a very cute baby.We are in the mall now.I am walking with him.We go to the model store.He wants up.I pick him up and hold him on my hip, my arms around him.Hes looking through the glass at the model.Its a balsawood mockup, which is there before him.There is no outter skin on this model.Hes touching the glass, looking at the model.Little wheels in his head turning.Wants the model.People dont carry their kids enough today.


Later.This mockup shows a vehicle of sorts, that is supposed to be moonbased.


The agreement is that none of our astronauts are ever harmed.


This vehcile is lightweight and is flown in in sections.



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