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Note Chinas revolution:


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Once again Mainland China is undergoing a tremendous industrial social revolution.


As told from a number of sources, Mainland China, is now socially going through a period of time, which when laterally compared, could in some ways, be compared to the 1960s in the USA.


These social changes are being brought about by the advent of the modern automobile, the computer, other forms of electronics improvements and innovations.


The industrial military sector within China, is also undergoing tremendous technical improvements, with China finally reaching the plateau, of early space flight, on its own merits.


American as well as British and many other nationalities, are heavily investing in Chinas manpower to manufacture industry base, with the mention of nano-powders materials, as told at website, PhysOrg.com.


The notes of interests should be, is can China maintain this level of progress, while still maintaining some level of acceptable humanity for its people?


These are tremendous changes that both Chinas are undergoing now.It is our hopes that the quality of stability, will be one of the byproducts of the cultural evolution.



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