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with respect to time travel agents, and this board


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hi, i am new to this board so i havent got the TIME :oops: to read everything. but i pretty much can say that here are serious people. i'm actually bit scared to post here... it's 3 am in my time europe i'm day behind US current time :)


there is one personal request i would like to ask from you, if i wanted to change something, relive it how it not supposed to be happened, (i am referring to a friend/love relationship) with a girl, 2 years have past away now and we were almost together. i really miss her.


i can sense her future.. i know it.. she's with somebody else and i know they fit together, i could be wrong of course. (NO!)


i am asking you (time agents) for advice.......... she has gone trough lot of misery and i love her because she was my best friend at that time, i am sick, she also is, i want to let her feel that i loved her... i can't go back...


sorry i must go now... if you can look up my history, send me a private message, my deepest respect to you all!


i know there are time protect laws, but i swear to keep it for myself!


things i've seen are not cool, i just wish it was different.



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