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hi, why not change the future today with technology of the year 2500, end some misery at once for everybody, if i was a time traveller it would end disease and everybody would be living in an utopia for another 500 years, in the year 200X


the time GODS are telling you, not to change history, dont think you are in control of your own faith!!!


you time travel agents are all evil bastards! observe people die (maybe not all, but have you seen people jumping out of the 11/9 building and get smashed! watching this is sick, unless you future people have found a new technology


imagine that was your faith and not been a time traveller!



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Hiya warp,


if i was a time traveller it would end disease and everybody would be living in an utopia for another 500 years, in the year 200X

Did you ever consider that the Laws of Physics that drive the universe might have something to say about your actions?What I mean by this is as follows: We know that for every action we take in our universe, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So if you, as a time traveler, chose to have such a MASSIVE impact on some time so as to "make things better", isn't it quite possible (and indeed probable) that there will be equal-and-opposite REACTIONS to your actions, that will make a whole bunch of other situations in the world WORSE than they already are?Something to think about...


New/Improved RMT



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Since you posted in two forums, my response also is in two forums.




Has it occurred to you that perhaps there are limitations to what could be done by any "real" time travelers?


You didnt "really" comprehend what was indicated, that many "events" may have been 20 times worse, except for the intervention of time traveling missions.


Did you actually read what was presented ?


The scenario's of what may have taken place, but may have been changed...


5000 people dying is bad, but how about if it had been 50,000, or 100,000, or 10,000,000 ?


or even more ?


Just maybe some events are supposed to occur, for specific reasons, however, perhaps the severity has been minimized.


You wouldnt know what was done nor what events in the future would dictate any actions to be taken in a past era, to ensure a possible future that would be unknown to you in this time period.


However, you have the power to change yourself, to be a positive influence in peoples lives, and be part of a force of "LOVE" and "LIGHT" that "CAN" overcome any "EVIL" of today.


What did you do that brightened the future, today? and what can you do tomorrow that will brighten someones elses life. You dont need the technology from any era, past, present, or future, for YOU to make a difference.


I challenge YOU to go visit the nearest hospital, and ask the staff about any children in any of the units, what they may need, and provide it for them. Comic books, Coloring books, stuffed animals, someone to watch telelvision with, to have a story read to them...


Are you up to the challenge?


Your next post in this thread should be on your experience of how you made a difference for one day in a childs life.


If you cant do this, then any further comments from you are un-necessary.



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as time travel scientists/engineers wich i believe in your time sure are, it should be possible to calculate the outcome with interdimensional wrong/error trials, if the time travel technology is perfected, that means to correct right and wrong, or even give the wrong a better advantage.


i have seen star trek (i know this is sci fi and i love it!): hell of year part 1 and 2, so i perfectly understand your answer.


as a time science vessil outside normal time tries to correct the right of a war with 98% success of restore in peace and 2% NOT!!!!!! (wich it should have been also)


what i am saying is that god time travellers do posses or should posses right/wrong simulator in this dimensional time.


on the other hand i don't know... thanks for reading



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what i am saying is that god time travellers do posses or should posses right/wrong simulator in this dimensional time.

This is where you get into sticky situations, because the definition of "right" and "wrong" is totally relative... it is relative to whether some individual believes something "works" or doesn't "work".As an engineer who spends a lot of time modeling aircraft and spacecraft dynamics via simulation, I can tell you that you can NEVER model all effects. At best, these days, we can model things in a linear fashion very well, and we are only beginning to be able to model non-linear effects at the level of second and third order effects.In summary, what one time traveler thinks (or simulates) are a "right" effect to achieve some reality could easily be thought (or simulated) to be a "wrong" effect by a different time traveler.


The Laws of Physics are the ultimate judge... not you or me, or any time traveler guessing what is "right".


New/Improved RMT



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how do i become a time traveller and change my life 7 years ago when i got sick?


i would not know the outcome do i? inpact on other people, it might be better, or worse


i got bullied a lot in school, i am sick,


maybe observing time and correct major events like 9/11 that affect worlds is the best way to avoid conflict with others. it changed the world!!!!! each individual!!!!!!!


day after, my whole school was in pannick, and this went on for weeks.... we even hold minute silence for this disaster , and nobody laughed...... nobody... so you are right.


i want to become a time traveller, but i don't know how. all i have is a laptop with windows XP, and a Linux cobalt next to me wich is no longer used by major internet hosting companys.


enjoy every second of life! that's time travel for real


yesterday i slept with my light on ok, i'm sceptical and not...


thanks for answering.



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You dont change your life 7 years ago. You change your life, today!


I dont know what you mean by you got sick.


What we are on the outside and what happens inside is an indirect reflection of our internal thoughts, perhaps thoughts that you aren't even aware of.


These internalized thoughts can be created many, many years ago in your life. Specific conditions, such as being bullied, may have resulted in the materialization of your frustrations with this sickness.


I am NOT a medical doctor, so anything I tell you is never advice against a medical professional.


However, alot is not understood by the medical world regarding how our "spirit" interacts with the physical world. You obviously are in alot of pain. The news of the world effects you more than some other people.


You are a sensitive person, and empathize with the pain of the world, today. Fear, saddness, and frustration of NOT being to solve the worlds problems are a great escape for you. By putting your focus on the world, you may have found a great scape goat for your own "sickness".


It is ok to be concerned and feel what you feel, but as you have mentioned yourself, live for every moment with enjoyment. Even in your struggle, you are gaining knowledge or have the chance to learn "who" you really are and how "you" react to obstacles in "your" life.


Time travel isnt something you need be concerned with, but learning about who you really are is of the utmost importance.


When we face the ourselves and the world we see through our thoughts, we also find escape routes to run away from "who" we are within, to "run away" from the obstacles we encounter.


There is no way I can "fix" you in this forum, but, nobody can "fix" you, but "you" anyway. Even if you did travel back in time, the same problems you have today, would exist. They wont magically vanish.


I have stressed time and again about accepting personal responsibility...to look within for solutions.


You see, my friend, no matter what, you are a very important person in this moment in time. There is no other you. You are unique, special. Everyone may not see this, or even point this out, but it is the truth.


I dont know you, we will never meet, but, do I "LOVE" you as a brother, and care about you... you betcha! :)


You are not alone. As we share our time on this Earth, we have a common bond that no one will ever be able to erase. A connection, if you will, that is intact regardless of distance or any obstacles between us.


I sense you are feeling sorry for yourself...stop it! If you are able, and it is YOU who make this decision...do as suggested.


Go down to the hospital and volunteer to read some children a story.


Thats all...dont elaborate or sit there and speak of the problems of the world or even your own...just read them a story...er...an appropriate one, like Willie Wonka or something. I am sure a blind child is waiting to hear that story, and you are the one that is going to do it.


Dont need advanced computers or magical formulas to do this...


....the magic and power is within you by stepping out the door and doing it. Simple as that.


Let me know how you feel after you have done this...





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I have stressed time and again about accepting personal responsibility...to look within for solutions.

I would have to agree with you OvLrdLegion and validate what you have just said to warp10. I believe that there is much to be discovered and gained personally in the course of ones life through these obstacles. I feel that how well we deal with the difficulties of our lives, develop and cope as a result of them, that it can determine much of our success, character & promote better health for our selves in the future.I have been in your shoes once before warp10, and now I argue against Time Travel (long story).


But OvLrdLegion has given you very wise advice; I hope you can take his words to heart and his advice. I feel you are quite young, your sickness may just be psychosomatic, but I assure you; you can grow from this and become stronger.


Good-luck to you,





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