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Engineering Hist BOT


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Three books, by either French & Verick, or Swenson were used.


A drawing board, where mechanical, metered drawing was used.


The exercises, where steeped in coordinate and algebraic lessons.


The more complex the needs, then trigonometry and calculus were employed.


Groups of students and an instructor.


Students, if they were good, bonded to instructor.


Exercises were all problems in engineering, where either an entirely new part or structure was needed, or the improvement of an existing part or structurc.


Early was efficiency at drawing board.Line quality, effect of delivery and communications in drawing by mechanical means, were extolled.


Later, the Tektronix grade of drawing machines, were put to use, from primary vested drawings, of students and or draftsman engineering students put forth.


Drawings at first were Ozalid Machines, reproduced ammonia relief replications.X Second was drawing machine, from computer data store file, of project made by students.


Later the design committee was used, were theory on one object, was exercised.


Developments expressed as an art, came to the point, where a design CAD machine was used, where student, engineer would insert data, via scan of hand drawing, have these variables accounted.


This expression in plastic database, then have variable inputs, of ideas, thoughts design solutions, added.


Art form became very highly developed, to where art-form, became to almost all design request, from asked standards of what part, project was asked for.


*Robots had to learn from people.So robots, in time, became very knowlgeable of many of the varied aspects, of engineering design and drawing.


Math CADs, were installed in evolutionary phases of machines, to the point to wherecomputers and robots understood, what people were thinking and could adjust asked request.


From Wendelle C. Stevens book collection, large computers were installed on some offworld crafts and ask to be vested in the position of communications realyers.


There is a blend strata, that covers a long time back, in engineering capabilities, to almost the future; however aims and goals become divided by intent.



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Examples, a fuel pump was needed to work in a greater capacity, to pump more fuel, to other apturances on a machine.


Problem; old pump does not deliver capacity asked:


Process. Engineer and draftsman sit down togehater.If draftsman is also an artist, engineer might ask for the artist, in the draftsman to polish his proposal, from scratch drawings, as this partilar engineer, might not have been trained in an artistic way also.


Pump is drawn, via input from engineer, to draftsman.


Meeting of company, to determine, if concepts, would help company, as a finical risk, via clients of that company, requesting that an increase in capacity pump be made.


Series of concept drawings are made.Company looks over concept of new pump.


A decision is made to go, or no go on new pump concept, as this new version, will, or will not generates an increase or acceptable profits?


If the new degisn is approved, then engineer starts a series of concept drawings, with all increased in capacity flows put forwards on the table.


A new block design is made, to where by the use of geometric visualizations, the new item is placed through a full three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation.


An entire series, or many sheets of both concept, scratch and graphic concept drawings are laied down.


An engineering design consortium, is held by a group of engineers, so that potential problems can be worked out on this design item.


After many drawings are made, either a clay model, or a rough cast in a sand mold aluminum, model are made, with the capacities of the new designed object are put forth.


**Old and new working drawing designs, and a mockup, can go either to a computer CAD base, or a traditional non-CAD situation, to where all nuances of this object are determined.


So flow characteristics, within the vessel, are determined by physics flows routings, within the design and structure.This is vested in a recorded geometric, algebraic, and or trig log.This is inserted in the history of design of the object.


A new fuel pump item, is them worked as an actual product, or prototype, from the engineering process.


Since this is a risk item, for the company, then this item is covered under that companie's process of creation design clause.This is as at this time, the new fuel pump may either succeed or fail, in the new capacity it is asked of?


*The part is installed, a test run made and finite data gathered.This test run made, so that all nuances of the new pro-to-type are now known.


If the pump passes, then asked criteria, asked of it is put into the okay we will do this as a process of the new design is put forth.


Then the business aspect of the company, must institute both an advertising and design campaign, to make money, or profit, however this might be invested, from the new op product?


This process is very thorough and traditionally accomplished in groups.This is so that a badly designed product, does not leave the company either open to a nonearning on the product, or open to possible law suits, as the result from this proposed product hurting the customer.


Note a legal division of the company is now asked to perform its duty, along with the insurance part of the company, in both protecting itself and the asker of this new item.



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