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What happened to all the Hurricanes? :)


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Anyone wondering what happened to the Hurricane Season? I know it is not over yet...


But I thought this was going to be bad season....


'Above normal' hurricanes in 2006




It seems the hurricanes early in the year just weakened as the approached the United States....


And then the seemed to just veer off away from the U.S.


And now they are not even forming that much...


What's up? Scalar Weather Technology... Or Divine Intervention?...


Why are they posting studies about 'dust' not causing hurricanes...


Sounds like a cover to me... :)




Dust 'affects hurricane activity'





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Hurricane Paul weakens to tropical


By MARK STEVENSON, Associated Press Writer


2 hours, 13 minutes ago


SAN JOSE DEL CABO, Mexico - Hurricane Paul weakened to a tropical storm Tuesday, easing the threat to rain-sodden resorts at the tip of the Baja California peninsula.


Paul, which had been the third hurricane this season to threaten the area, had maximum sustained winds near 65 mph and was moving north at about 7 mph, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said.


Forecasters predicted the storm was likely to weaken further but could still dump up to 10 inches of rain in the mountains on Mexico's mainland, causing severe flooding.




The Divine Intervention shield is holding... :)





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