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UES NYC Plane Crash - The Theory!


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My first impression which I wish I locked in yesterday is that is was an assassination attempt.


My 'God Channeling' powers :) told it was someone who was a writer, researcher or blogger who never leaves the apartment. The building has a high security. And the normal 'fake delivery' person assassination wouldn't work.... :)


The plane was taken over remotely by satellite and sent into the building.


On the news I heard this morning that the person home during the crash works at home. Doing what I don't know yet... But her husband is doctor.


Investigators on the scene of N.Y. plane crash




Dr. Parviz Benhuri said his wife, Ilana, was home when the plane hit their window, breaking the glass and spewing flames.


'She told me she saw the window coming out and she ran. She's in shock. She's lucky she made it. It's a miracle,' he told The New York Times.


Can the UES building sustain the damage from the plane crash?







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NTSB searches debris of plane for clues to crash that killed pitcher


The plot thickens...


The flight path of the plane went past the United Nations...


And then seemed to lose control...


Both of the planes occupants are from California.... Operatives of the Military Industrial Complex?


Lidle has been described as a "loner"


Tentative negotiations going on at the United Nations over North Korea...


Were they spying?


The propeller was working...


The parachute wasn't deployed...







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Re: UES NYC Plane Crash - The Boss Theory!


Scare for A-Rod: Jet skids to halt




The plot twists...


I think I have to turn my attention to the Boss...


2 Yankees in 2 plane incidents in a week?...


Is the ultimate penalty for not winning the world series?... Death


Is the Boss sending a message to the Yankees?







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Re: UES NYC Plane Crash - The Boss Theory!


Low-time pilots are a well-documented hazard to their own health. Mr. Lidle was in good (bad?) company in that the total time in his pilot's log corresponds to the highest number of fatalities, statistically speaking.


Stupidity is NOT a conspiracy. It is just stupidity.







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3 die in Big Bear plane crash


Ex-West Covina resident among victims


By Fred Ortega Staff Writer


A former West Covina resident has apparently died in a fiery plane crash, less than a month after taking over for one of ill-fated pilot Tyler Stanger's clients.


Danny Stokes, 52, was flying a twin-engine Cessna early Tuesday when it crashed on the shoreline of Big Bear Lake, said West Covina Councilman Mike Touhey, citing Stokes' family members.


The crash also killed the plane's owner, identified by San Bernardino County Coroner's officials as Bob Cartwright, 68, of Sugarloaf, and a third passenger identified by friends and news reports as Bob McNutt, president of the Big Bear Airport board.


He added that both he and Cartwright were supposed to be on the New York flight with Stanger and Lidle, but neither could make the trip.




2 plane crashes 2 coasts 2 small planes 4 people who know each other....


A statistical impossibility...


What did these 4 people know? Who wanted them dead...


A conspiracy is HERE...





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