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U.N. Detention camp under construction in Arizona


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Living in central Arizona I have heard about the rumored secret military base in Secret Canyon near Sedona Arizona. I have actively searched for it and have not found it. In my search for it I was informed of another project going on in a small town called Clarkdale. The locals call the site Transylvania. I was told that work has been going on at the site for about 10 years now. Most of the work is being done at night. (while I was at the site taking photos, I could here sounds of construction work, but couldn't see where it was being done.) I was able to take over 70 pictures of the site.


A brief history of the site... The site used to be a processing plant for copper ore mining. I believe that it was first used in the 1920's. I am working on finding a picture of the site from the 1920's to compare the changes that are being made now.


This first picture is of the gate and guard shack that is being fixed up.




This picture is of the lock and chain on the site gate. Look at the chain it appears to be fairly new.




Here is a picture looking down the fence from the site gate.




This is a picture of the railroad tracks that lead into the site.




This is a close up of the guard shack. Look at the left side of the shack and you will see new electrical conduit running into the shack. Also, look at the center of the picture. there is a port-o-pot in the picture. Evidence that some kind of work is going on there.




This picture was taken further up the fence looking back towards the guard shack. Notice the new trailers behind the front building. I believe this how they are bring the materials into the site.




Here is a picture off the train yard at the site. In the second bay was a fairly new locomotive and in the last bay was a new white pick-up truck. I know they are hard to see, but this was as close as I could get. I was holding my camera up to the fence with full zoom on.




Please take a look at this. Is it a detention camp in the making? A lot of the local that live near this place seem to think so. No one seems to know who is doing the work. In a small town that is kind of odd. everyone knows everyone else. I was also informed a lot of the work goes on at night. I will try and make a trip there at night to see if I can confirm this.


If you want to go to the site then u2u me and I will give you directions to it.



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Yep the land is owned by the state of Arizona. If any building permits were actually granted they must be publically posted at the site and none are there, but building is going on at the site. If no permits have been filed then there is no record for it on file at the county level.



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This theory about UN detention camps has been around for awhile now...


You can get pictures of the camps usually located near National Parks.


It also goes along with the international reflective sticks on the backs of road signs where at some time traffic will be suspended and reversed.


Is America being prepared for... Invasion.





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