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Ghost in old deserted house? (Norway)


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Hello, this is a story about what happened to me and one of my best friends.


There was a old house (deserted in mid fiftys I think) 100 meters away from my school in an average big building block, my friends had discovered several items from the house, one of those items was adult magazines. I was inside the house several times and what was special was that the items inside were all in their original locations and even valuable things like silver was still there, also medicines in the night drawer, sheets on the bed and even jam in glasses downstairs in the raw basement, this is only some of the items inside. To mention more: old family movies, photo films, silver pocketknife and hundreds of other things.


The story happened in the mid-summer I think. At 18:00 approximately me and a friend decided to go inside. We went inside and looked around, then decided to go upstairs. When we got upstairs we hang around for some time searching inside containers and such, then when we came to a room with a chest in. We both started to hear things, I repeatedly asked him if he was making the noises and if he could hear them too, he replied no and yes and I started to sweat and anxiety kicked in, the noises were coming from the stairs, louder and louder we heard steps going upstairs, I grabbed a steel pole to defend myself with and saying to my mate ill bust he's head up if he try something, but when I had shaken the fear out of me we decided to go towards the sound. Suddenly it stopped and we could not longer hear amything, neither see anyone outside. This is something that add up in my paranormal beliefs. :confused:



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