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Lost White House E-Mails??? WTF? Read This!


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External source:o, the White House is asserting they "lost" some email, huh? You've got to be kidding me. Is this a joke?


As an IT guy, I know all too well that most emails are nearly impossible to "lose," especially if one really wants to find them. In fact, if the emails in question really are gone for good it probably means that there was a tremendously expensive, concerted effort to destroy them (and, if so, it should be very easy to prove that they were intentionally destroyed).


Even so, I find it very difficult to believe that copies of these little devils aren't lurking on various electronic devices hither and thither throughout the country (if not the world). Unless a Department of Defense grade hard drive wipe was initiated on every single workstation or device that came in contact with the emails in question, they can be found. And that's not even mentioning the multiple email archives and backup files that doubtless exist.

Yeah :confused:
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Email systems are really database systems. A data field is required. The field would be called "DELETED" with a flag "Y" or "N"


Any good systems administrator could retrieve the emails from backup tapes.


Especially since they use Lotus Notes


The 2 email system Karl Rove used is akin to 2 book accounting fraud.


1 system for official white house email with no crimes


1 system with the RNC with lots of crimes :)





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White House staff 'circumvented' official e-mail


Report: White House staff 'circumvented' official e-mail system


Oversight committee report says more details are needed




June 19, 2007 (Computerworld) -- The use of outside Republican National Committee (RNC) and Bush-Cheney '04 re-election committee e-mail accounts by at least 88 White House staff members in the Bush Administration was done in a manner that "circumvented" the requirements of federal laws mandating the historical preservation of presidential records.


That's one of the conclusions of a three-month-long U.S. House of Representatives inquiry into the White House use of outside e-mail systems dating back to 2001.


In a 16-page interim report (download PDF) released yesterday by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, investigators said there appears to have been widespread use of such e-mail accounts without proper preservation of the contents of all messages that were sent back and forth. According to the report, the investigation found that at least 88 White House officials used RNC e-mail accounts, which is higher than earlier White House estimates that no more than about 50 staff members had such accounts. The officials with RNC e-mail accounts include Bush senior adviser Karl Rove; Andrew Card, the former White House chief of staff; and Ken Mehlman, the former White House director of political affairs. Other users include officials in the Office of Political Affairs, the Office of Communications, and the Office of the Vice President, according to the report.


Rove and other officials used their RNC e-mail accounts heavily, according to the inquiry. For example, some 140,216 e-mails were sent or received by Rove and ultimately preserved by RNC IT systems, according to the report. More than half of those e-mails -- 75,374 -- were sent to or received from individuals using official ".gov" e-mail accounts, indicating they were for official business, according to the committee.


The problem with the use of the outside e-mail accounts, the report concludes, is that none of the RNC system e-mails for 51 of the 88 officials who used the system were preserved at all, leaving a gap in the presidential records that by law are supposed to be preserved.




Sounds like the White House knows about "double book accounting" :)





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