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Anyone else been abducted?


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Hi, I'm new here.


I was at old Godlike and the splinters...anywho...


I was a lawyer when all of this started. These days? Not so much.


I cannot imagine a paranormal event that has NOT happened to me in the past 2 and 1/2 years.


Anyone here?





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I don't have any bears at all. :confused:


Just kidding. No, I do not have that ancestry. All Northern Euro except for a grandmother that was Scottish.


One night in 2000, a friend and I and our kids were camping on the beach and we saw a green cube in the sky, then the stars started "scrolling by" for at least five full minutes, and then we realized that we had lost about two hours.


I can't find anything anywhere about anyone else seeing the stars all scroll across the sky. It was beyond weird.


ANY-way, that began a long string of Otherness (including being questioned by the DoD and seeing the Top Hat Guy repeatedly, and lots of other crazy stuff).


I'm just looking for answers. Thanks for responding.



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One of George Noory's guests on CtoC, an abduction expert, said the combination I mentioned was more common than to be expected in alien abductions. Also, so does the "Embraced by The Light" author (I can't remember her name at the moment). :)


Everyone has four grandbears, I suppose?



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Embraced by the light author is Betty Eadie. But she wrote several books on near death experiences.


she had indepth experiences about visiting heaven. Her books are very very interesting.


I didnt know she spoke on aliens at all. What was her view on that?


What is a "top hat guy?"


What did the DOD ask you?


Scrolling stars seem maybe like time was changing really fast or something?


I think it would produce an effect like that maybe if you were looking at the stars while it was happening.


I saw a similiar thing happen to the stars but it was in a dream.





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As far as I know, Betty J. Eadie falls more or less into the classic Spiritualist category. I don't remember any reference to space aliens. But her ancestry was part Irish and part Indian (Cherokee, I think).My own interest in the subject arises from the circumstance that I also have Indian and Irish ancestors, and at one time I thought this was a rather unusual combination. Why does it seem to be a factor? :confused:



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Actually Betty's mother was Lakota Sioux and her father was Scots-Irish. But the whole thing is she did not have an alien encounter. She had an encounter with God...after she died and came back.


You were comparing abduction cases to people that had this type of ancestory.right? But Betty was not abducted. she died.



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If you want to pursue this, I will be happy to present my conclusions. But be warned--you may not be happy with them.


This may take several postings, but let's start with the "Miracle of the Dancing Sun."


>>>>At about noon, on October 13, 1917, near the hamlet of Fatima Portugal, an estimated 50,000 persons witnessed an extraordinary event.The following remarks are from a report of the event by one of the witnesses, Dr. Almeida Garret, a professor at the University of Coimbra:


"The sun had broken jubilantly through the thick layer of clouds just a few moments before...It looked to me as a luminous and brilliant disc, with a bright, well-defined rim. It did not hurt the eyes. The comparison (which I heard while still at Fatima) with a disc of dull silver did not seem right to me. The color was brighter, far more active and richer than dull silver, with the tinted luster of the orient of pearl...It looked like a small, brightly polished wheel of irridescent mother-of-pearl...The clouds scuttled along from west to east without dimming the sun. The gave the impression of passing behind it."


Reporters for the big city dailies described the event in the same vein. The reporter of the Lisbon paper, 'O Dia' said, "The sun seemed to be veiled with transparent gauze to enable us to look at it without difficulty. The greyish tint of mother-of-pearl began changing as if into a shining silver disc that was growing slowly until it broke through the clouds."


'O Seculare,'another Lisbon paper, reported, "The sun called to mind a plate of dull silver."


The "Dancing Sun" aspect was a zig-zag motion as the "sun" descended. For the above reports we are indebted to Fr John DiMarchi's little booklet published by "The Mother of Christ Crusade," which bears an 'imprimatur' and 'nihil obstat' of 1947. Di Marchi distributed millions of these little booklets freely. He compiled it with the assistance of Sister Maria Lucia, who in 1917 had been the eldest of the three children (and the principal character) involved in the Fatima visitations of which the October display was the culminating event.


The three children had earlier in the year--while tending sheep--had a visitation from a being who named himself "The Guardian Angel of Portugal."


We think the phenomenon reported by Garret and the Papers can not be taken for anything other than a UFO sighting.


One of the early Contactees reported being told that the extraordinary events, or miracles , involving Moses and the Israelites were produced by an alien culture.


Let's summarize it in this way: the God of the Bible does not exist--it is a fiction, a child's story. In the case of Moses, my conclusion is that we have Social Engineering, designed to lay the foundation for our present culture.But the experience of Betty J. Eadie is also part of the overall project and involves a 'tweaking' of Christian concepts. Betty was encouraged to return to life when the importance of her 'mission' was revealed to her. [more later].



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If I recall "Embraced By The Light," correctly, Betty met a council which included (I believe) Jesus. She states somewhere in the book that she learns that Jesus and God are two different individualities.


Franklin Merrell-Wolff, who achieved Nirvanic consciousness stated that "God is the other of the lonely Self." At the supreme level, God and Self merge together an all that remains is pure Conscousness.


Please don't misinterpret my remarks to mean a denial of that kind of God. But the God that religion talks about is an objectified being. This, you see, allows a priest,rabbi, or minister, and his church to interpose itself between the self and the Supreme. This allows them to dictate what "God" wants, which is, to put money in the collection basket. Excuse me for being cynical.


By the way, in my out-of-the-body experience in the 1960's, during the beginning phase of it, I experienced the "blackness" that Betty described.It is a healing, almost intimate experience, and I saw bright star-light lights in the distance. There seemed to be a thread between me and each of the lights (which seemed to be openings to some sort of interesting activity). I felt that I could have traveled to any of them had I chosen. But I had no inclination to do so.



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Ruthless and Pamela: You can find a description of my experience at web page in the last section (there is only one ms there) entitled "A Personal Exerience."


That will save having to repeat it here.


I had another experience about 20 years later while in Phoenix. I fell asleep and instantly awoke to find a figure in a flowing dark green robe embroidered in gold standing at my left side. He was wearing a matching pillbox hat (like Elijah Muhammed)and his skin was literally black as coal that had been dusted lightly with gold powder. "Astral" colors are difficult to describe as many have reported. Thinking about it later, I was not certain that the robe had not been red and silver and the dusting silver, or maybe both at the same time like one of those hologram credit card designs.


My visitor reached down with his left hand, and I raised my left hand, and he pulled me to my feet, and we left. I understood that I was being collected to be taken to Egypt where I would be allowed to look at certain ancient documents.My visitor seemed not to acknowledge me as an individual, which caused my ego some distress. I tried to get his attention but he looked right through me. Everyone has met people like that, I think. It wasn't until much later, perhaps a couple of years, that it finally dawned on me that the visitor was not a person at all, but what certain esoteric belief systems know as a thought form projected by a Master.



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I'm not an expert at programming, but it seems it had been possible to type in the url command in brackets, but that doesn't seem to work now. Apparently you just type in the link as you would in an email message-- [/url]'>www.badongo.com/file/2011740 . That's the direct link, and it's the last section, "A Personal Experience."





Section Seven: Other Than Normal





7.1 A Personal Experience.





7.2 Analysis.





7.1 A Personal Experience.





Some years ago, while residing in the City of Los Angeles, the author had an out-of-the-body experience which was, while personally meaningful, rather mundane as far as accounts of this experience go. No conversations with masters or Divinities occurred, and no message to the world was received; it consisted largely of a late night stroll down an empty residential street. We are including it, not for its significance, per se, but because its very ordinary character allows us to examine certain characteristics from the subspace perspective.





Retiring at an accustomed hour, I fell asleep but awakened sometime afterward with a need to urinate. I felt so unusually comfortable in bed and reluctant to arise that I postponed the trip to the bathroom and drifted back to sleep. This waking-sleeping sequence continued several times until I finally got up and attended to my need.





But I was dismayed by my inability to work the bathroom light switch. After several futile attempts I was plodding down the hallway back to the bedroom when I was





seized by a sudden apprehension and immediately found myself awake in bed. I then rose, fully awake, and returned to the bathroom.





Upon returning to bed I drifted off to a state of sleep which gradually (so it seemed) became a state of semi awareness in which I found myself rocking side-to-side, as if lying in the bottom of a small boat rocked by gentle waves.





The intensity of the rocking increased until it was as if I were a balloon buffeted by the wind, or a rag doll being shaken. Along with this I saw lightning-like flashes of red and black. It seemed as though I would be shaken apart, but like an engine coming up to speed, the buffeting soon died down to a complete stillness.





I was suddenly aware of myself suspended in the air above the bed (and my physical body,of course), about four or five feet above the floor.





After a short rest I began to slide feet forward horizontally and tilt up to a vertical position. This maneuver, executed without effort or foreknowledge, left me standing on the floor at the foot of the bed, and produced such a delightful "physical" sensation that I repeated it twice more just for the delight in doing so. The was no hesitancy in moving about, and I felt myself in complete control.





I shortly found myself passing through the wall that separated the bedroom from the living room, with little effort. I then crossed the livingroom and passed through the exterior wall of the duplex apartment to an exterior walkway. I moved through the courtyard to the front yard of the property and descended a few steps to the street sidewalk and headed toward Santa Monica Blvd., which was a little over half a block south. I stopped for a moment a few yards down the street to examine the bark of a camphor tree, and noted that the illumination of the near by street light seemed to wash out the detail of what I was looking at. Examing a side of the tree in the shade, I observed clusters of varicolored lights which resembled very tiny Xmas tree lights. Now and then, a colored ray would shoot out from the cluster.





After satisfying my interest in the tree, I began to cross a library lawn and lost consciousness. My next recollection was that of flying, in an upright position, rapidly but easily, over a mountainous region in what I understood to be the Far East. My destination was an opening cut into the face of a mountain. The interior was brightly lighted and I could see people moving around within.





A white half-portico, reminiscent of the style of Monticello, covered the opening and there was a small landing platform to which I was headed. I have no memory of the excursion beyond this point.





Some Comments:





During an episode of the above exteriorization account, I had a series of perceptions. I am not now certain of when they occured, but it was most likely immediately after separation. In one of them, I saw my daily life as a happening, which was of no particular interest outside of itself. It was perhaps the perspective of a mildly curious person passing by a noisy, active, party.





In a second perception, I found myself suspended in a velvety blackness. The word 'darkness' doesn't do it credit. It wasn't emptiness, but had a tactile, comforting, presence. It is here, I thought, that a soul would go to find security and healing. Betty J. Eadie in Embraced By The Light reported an almost identical experience with the blackness. In this blackness, at a distance, were points of light. Focusing my attention on individual lights, I could see that each was a place of interesting activity. I felt, that had I so chosen, I





could have traveled to any of them. I lacked the inclination to do so, however, and soon lost interest in the blackness itself.





In no way did any part of the experience seem frightening or unusual, and there was a sense of long familiarity. Perhaps it was a familiar routine on which part of the waking consciousness was invited along. It was thus remembered.





There was a sense of personal validation. Everyday life seemed as if a delirium from which I had awakened. I felt like my real self again. Again. this sense of self-validation was also noted by Eadie in her account of a near death experience.





One thing that I found astounding was the amount of psychic energy needed to





remain focused in the physical.There was no sense of being disembodied, and no real sense of loss of faculty. There was indeed, an optimum sense of vitality and freedom





that one knows too seldom in life.





In an actual occurrence, apart from memories and dreams, there is an undeniable sense of being there at that time and place. It is the sense of simple location in time and space, which may be the basis for our sense of reality. There was no sense that the experience was not real.





I did not see my physical body asleep, or I should say, it is doubtful that I would have taken special note of it if I had seen it, and I did not see the connecting cord which is often reported.





7.2 Analysis and Additional Commentary:





The Doctrine of the Duplicate Physical.





My excursion in esoteric, theosophical terms, took place on a subplane of the astral,





which is held to be an exact, or almost exact, copy of the physical plane. Had I no knowledge of this interpretation, it would have been quite easy for me to have concluded that the environment was the physical materiality of daily life. Many others who have





had similar experiences have concluded just that. The lights in the camphor bark were a little something else, though.





The question of why the lowest astral is a duplicate of the physical is often answered by the assertion that a film of astral materiality clings to the physical. However, I had a very clear awareness of the street light, which looked exactly as I remembered it. While I was unable to closely examine the detail of a blade of grass by such light, perhaps that would have been difficult in normal physical vision.





The streetlight was emitting visible light which took work to generate. Need we imagine an astral counterpart of a hydroelectric turbine generating astral electricity?





It has been said, in esoteric accounts, that light travels between the worlds, or planes (for each is a world in itself). In the pyramid model it is indicated, we believe, that light is represented by the corner edges of the pyramid where one phase state becomes the next. When this occurs, one of the spatial dimensions of the first becomes a time dimension, and the time dimension of the first becomes a space dimension in the next.





Again, let's call our 3+1 world, ABC+D (ABC are spatial, D is time). While the letter values are arbitrary, we shall say that the next (astral) phase state is BCD+A. Note that we share a two-dimensional interface, BC, with it. Hence, our time dimension D becomes space dimension D,and our space dimension A becomes the time dimension in BCD+A.





It should also be noted that in the terms we are presenting that the stuff of normal materiality spins through all four phase states in succession. Thus we are in, what would be the lowest astral plane, as often as we are in the physical. The main difference is the direction in which time seems to run.





To keep things clear, we might add that each plane or phase state can have its own species of materiality which is perpetually out-of-phase with the materiality of other planes. One might think of a group of four autos which following one another round and round a roundabout. Four exits, 90 degrees apart lead off the roundabout. Each auto passes each exit once each circuit, but whatever exit our auto may be at, the preceding auto, and the one following, are at different exits and hence measure a different dimension of time because what is actually measured in clock (Bergsonian) time is not





the speed around the roundabout, but a sequence of appearances at a given exit. Hence, each auto has a different dimension of clock time, but they all keep current with one another-- a rather ingenious arrangement.










In the flying episode, a question that comes to mind is, "How can one float (and there was no more effort than floating) at hundreds or even thousands of miles an hour without expending any energy? We can answer this question.





The universal gauge expansion at the speed of light results in a rapid separation of objects each instant, but because the space between the objects is also expanding, we do not notice the expansion itself.





But let's suppose the rate of expansion between two objects is reduced. From the perspective of relative space-time, it will seem as if a force exists between the objects. They will move toward one another without apparent expenditure of energy.





In the case in point, it is the traveler who is producing the effect and is the relative mover. In spiritualist communications it is not uncommon to find that the preferred method of traveling requires the traveler to visualize the destination. Another way to put this, is that the traveler moves slightly backward in time. Since this is similar to our explanation of gravity, a conventional explanation might require that the motive force be gravitational (should we wish to interpret it in those terms.





As far as normal location was concerned, I do not have any recollection of actually walking, so perhaps, or even likely, floating was the case.





* As a note in passing, there is a controversial phenomenon known as spoon bending, which as far as we can see is totally inexplicable in conventional terms. If the spoon bender can affect the rate of expansion of one side of the spoon by rubbing on it, an effect similar to the bending of the bimetallic strip in some thermometers could be produced.





The 'Tunnel' Perception.





The perception of distant lights while suspended in the blackness was similar to looking at a bright light at a distance and being able to see (as one can seem to see under certain conditions) the rays of light streaming past. It came to mind some time later, that this effect may be responsible for the ' light at the end of a tunnel' effect often reported.





Where Was It?





If one considers the pyramid model we introduced earlier with the paths of light represented by the edges between phase states, and draws corner-to-corner diagonals,





and if we adopt the proposal that perceptible light reaches us at a 45 degree angle





from the past an emitted light escapes at a 45 degree angle to the future, we can see





that the light travels on paths parallel to the diagonals.





If one diagrams this, it will be found that the light from the phase state above us





ought to be (in some conditions) perceptible to us. This applies to all phase states:





light comes from above and not below.





Based on this, I would say my experience must have occurred on the dawnside





phase state slightly in the past of our dayside phase state.





But what this interpretation also tells us, is that if an object from the dawnside is





phase shifted enough to produce perceptible presence in our phase state, it will not





be luminous, since our light cannot be reflected back. Hence the object would appear black, or shadowy.





Each phase state may have its own materiality which remains permanently out-of-





phase with the others--the temple visited in the excursion certainly did not exist in the





physical--yet all of the four phase states share a common materiality.





In The Unobstructed Universe, Betty White tries to explain things from the other





side. She says, rightly, "My matter is your matter, plus."





*****End of Section Seven*****



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This is one of the most interesting things I have read in a long time.


I love when people share their personal experiences there is a wealth of info


in them. I hope you don't mind I printed out your experience and saved it thanks for sharing it.


I have heard of people vibrating before they went out of their body but yours seemed very intense.


I wonder what the flashes of red and black were? Its almost as if your body had an earthquake.


I think I would have stayed by the tree longer I would really want to know what those little lights were. Its probably good I do not have these OBE's because I would be so curious about everything I


would probably never go back. If I do have them I am not aware. I have never risen and seen my body on the bed. I wonder sometimes though ..I do not know how one can tell but I have dreamed of flying over absolutely beautiful places even where I would fly down and lightly graze the surface of a lake with my fingers and then when I have flew back up I felt such a tremendous joy. It all seemed so real but I woke up in my bed so I assume it was a dream. Sometimes the places are more beautiful than I have ever seen here. If I saw myself leave though I would be scared because I would be unsure if I could get back in my body. lol


I loved Betty Eadies description of nature in heaven. And the way she saw the flowers having their own light like an aura. Shining from the inside out. I wonder if this is what you kind of got a glimpse of in your tree. How she described the scenes she saw with light and life and beauty it sort of whispered to my spirit. I felt some kind of connection there when I read her books.


My two favorite books she wrote were "embraced by the light" and "the ripple effect".


Her describing the Earth as a dark negative to things we would see in the spirit.


To sit and imagine the most beautiful place you could think of and realize it is like a dark negative to the color and life and richeness of life we would see later. I have seen some very beautiful places in my dreams. The stangest thing is the things she spoke about seemed to ring true in my spirit I don't know how else to describe it. I feel a connection to her somehow.


I think she was telling the truth about what she experienced. You could feel it.


Ok so back to your experience. The tree was something I would have been very curious about myself. :)


When you spoke about maybe light traveling into other dimensions. I had read a NDE of a man, although I cannot remember his name ,I do remember he was a doctor and he was enlisted in the military. I read of his story and he claimed that as Jesus took him through several different dimensions he would notice a new wave of light. I will have to find that story because I think you will find it interesting. I remember it was online as well I had read it in a book also. I will look for this for you I may be able to google it with the details I remember of it. What stuck out to me was the movement of different waves of light as he entered each new dimension. or world.


Just like what you said.


I don't think I would like the dark tunnel you experienced. I don't think that would be comfortable for me. I hate being in the dark now. Even when I was out using my friends telescope I had left a couple of lights on. :) Oh no I would be high tailing it toward what ever light was closest! lol


I think about your experience and I think about Betty's and I am thinking Oh man someday I am gonna have to be in that tunnel! augh! lol


When you say you saw individual lights were you talking about different openings in the dark tunnel?


Its odd you didn't just have one. Is there anything else you remember about it?


I am going to go and look for that other NDE and read your account again because there is a lot of info there and I would like to discuss it further with you it is really fascinating to me.


I think there are properties about light we have yet to understand.



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i had an OBE at 18, but it was drug induced. other than that, i have never felt that either, until one day curiosity got the better of me. it was the worst thing that ever happened to me, and far too intense to handle. i'm not sure if im glad that it happened to me or not, but what i am sure of, is that it changed my life.


that is also the reason i believe time travel exsists. i left for what felt like an eternity, when i came back to reality, my ciggarette wasnt even halfway finished, and i pondered for a long time wondering how i just went through so much, in such a short time.


and for the record, i'd never do it again.



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Oh yes his name was Dr. George Ritchie.






I can't find the part about the wave of light before entering each dimension. I do remember reading it.


Here is Betty's website:




OOHH.It looks like a movie is coming out on her Experience. wow that is going to be awesome.


I have a video of one of her speaking engagements.


Betty's story I can relate to more. I feel a connection to her . not so much with George's experience. I am sorry I cant find where he talked about that wave of light. I have it printed out and saved somewhere but only God knows where. I just have no more time tonight to look for it.


I wanted so much to get your thoughts on it.


Anyway I have to go for now. I am hoping to talk with you some more tomorrow.


Thankyou for sharing your experience Packerbacker. I wish people were more open and not afraid to do so. We could all learn so much more.



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Thanks for your comments.You know, there was an interesting aspect to the lights. It was as if I were connected to them by a thread of light. It is something that also seems to occur in other experiences. At the visitation in Phoenix, it seemed as if there was an area of light surrounding my sleeping body. Not a bright light, just illumined darkness.I don't remember anything outside that area when we left.


But it is as if in any such special experience, there are threads leading to a large number of other things. In other words, you start at the center experience and mentally let you mind follow a thread out to something else that is associated with it.You can get a lot more out of the experience in this way.



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