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Ciao- hello

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hello they are one new enrolled and they are Italian. I come from an other forum similar to yours but Italian. through a translator I can speak here the history of Jhon Titor interests me very.


I wanted to ask if someone of you has had way to speak with he those 2001. you have for case one chat in this forum? from where you come? not married perfavore this topic because then I would make difficulty to find it. thanks I call myself lilly and have 22 years and I am Italian of the east north I have asked those for my forum to find the forum where johhn titor he wrote. and eccomi here. I hope that you will answer to me soon, hello.


lilly :oops:



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Well, I do not speak Italian. You are doing okay with English, but still the English Language is difficult at times to fully understand how it (the English Language) is spoken and written. Yes, John Titor was here on a couple of threads on this forum, but most people here in the USA only consider his postings to be one possibility of the future while many possibilities can happen. In other words, his written word is not Gospel to us here in the USA but only remain one possibility. There are some people in the USA that do think the way that John Titor did write, but as yet those other people also like me do know the way that they think and are in a certain age group; many more people do know how some in that certain age group do think and how they view what will happen in the future. Those type of people who do think like John Titor think that the other people do not understand that those other people also like me also have considered that possibility to only be one of many possible futures. These type of people like John Titor do know that the way that they think is also considered to be "fear" thinking, or those people like John Titor have nothing better to be doing than thinking of an alternative that would make this future better. Perhaps, because of other people that will not happen because they also really do not listen to other people and consider theirselves like John Titor to be somewhat superior in their type of thinking. There perhaps is a better forum for viewing the postings and threads John Titor posted his written word. Ah, since I do know English sometimes I get ahead of myself, and at times do not fully write out the full explanation of my postings. That, sometimes comes from lack of time to continue posting about this subject and the subject of the "future". The threads can be found on the Anomalies.net forum and those threads there on that forum are copies of the original threads that in most cases do not exist anymore, except for one thread here that remains in tact (that was not destroyed somehow due to computers malfunctioning at various times.) When what I call - normal people - consider what John Titor posted, there are some engineering problems that also do not have technology solutions at this time. Those problems may or may not have solutions to them in the future. Some real physicists think that those problems will not be solved as John Titor posted and still other people think that it remains a somewhat defined possibility that John Titor could be telling what he believes is the truth when he made his postings. Knowing other poeples various personalities help in this endeavor much as myself stating that I know how some of those other people like John Titor think right now in the present concerning other Countries in this World, like Iran or China or Russia. Now, it enters into the realm of religion, and that is also why I stated on another forum that the history of the Catholic Church is that since humans seem to go insane at times on this Planet, thus sometimes in its (the Catholic Church) history, it is written down what Catholics thought of doing at that time in history because of other people. This time, I think it will be different, and the Pope may allow these things to proceed, and humans will have to think about the future of this Planet and consider all Countries and the real possibilities of what can be achieved for the future concerning once again, the other major religions on this Planet. It is clear that the future for those extremists Muslims only grant that they also consider they want to rule with their type of future, while denying other people like us the "Freedom" to choose a more "Secure" future. It is also clear that the religious Leaders of the Muslim Religion in Iran do not help with securing a better future and that they blame supporting Countries of the U.N. at the end of WWII (1948) like England and the USA for placing Israel where it is at (geography location of the Israel Nation) today in the region of the Middle East. I well know that some people think that perhaps that will lead to Armageddon, but as yet, there is no defined cause that can actually be placed by that possibility because that would mean that the intepretation of The Bible is only their type of thinking, and that scholars actually do not know exactly what The Bible means by Armageddon. In other words, it is a type of insanity of the human mind that does not lead to a more secure and free future but only to a future that is humankind driven to be a type of human-made Armageddon, and really is not the result of God or of Jesus on this Planet and again, no one really knows the Time of God's Chosing for that endeavor called Armageddon. Thus, it is merely human guessing about the future, instead of cold-hard thinking and verifiable facts. Thus you can read the postings of John Titor, but as with anything that is written, you should (with an old saying that is considered in this Country) take it with a grain of salt. (that necessarily you should not believe it and if you do believe it than perhaps your Faith is not as Secure and Free as other people deem it to be.) All in all, then some possibilities are discarded for the future while other possibilities become more pronounced because of this type of thinking about the future. Thus is the reason I call it "Fear Mongering" instead of productive clear-thinking about the future. So, with all that introduction into only my view of anything John Titor posted the threads can be found at this various links:


The thread entitled: "I am from 2036":




Also that same thread can be found in the Time Travel Discussion Forum at Anomalies:




at the link above there are also other various threads and other copied original threads when John Titor posted and also what other people thought and posted about the postings of John Titor.


The 1998 faxes to Art Bell


Dr. Robert Brown's Reply to Darby about the Titor Postings.


also there are other websites that continue to post about preceived future events and technologies concerning the John Titor's postings.






web archive of the pictures from John Titor.


and many discussion topics on forums that discussed his postings.


The thead here on this Forum is entitled: "Topic Limited to 11 Pages" is the only thread of his postings still on this forum here:




found on page 4 of this Forum since it was brought up front from a long time ago when it was about on page 130 or so. (who knows?)


Some other pages on the Anomalies.net website concerning John Titor links can be found here:




That mainly is about it although there are pages and pages of forums that have or may be still discussing John Titor around on the Internet.




Next, you probably will have to enroll in the John Titor University and take subjects perhaps such as:


Planet Terraforming


Temporal Mechanics


Physics and Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics


Calculus and Differential Equations and other math subjects.


Of course there is no John Titor University and that paragraph above is just some humor about the John Titor subject.


And also if you would wish to enroll at the Vatican and perhaps their University, you will also have to consider the Papel Prophecies (which is considered a hoax) and other religious courses I guess they deem necessary.


But perhaps, all three major religions have just bonker (crazy) people in their religion that are trying to make your future as you do not wish it to become.


Ah, that would be Judism, Isalmism, and the Christianity religions.





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thanks of the availability. Beyond knowing some more on Jhoon Titor I would want to know some more and to have the possibility to know who ago part of this forum. From mine you leave transmit to the film Return to the future. I do not know if from yours you leave you know it. However this film speaks about a boy who goes behind in the past with an car. this automobile was created from one scenziato that it allowed to go is in the past that in the future and to modify of the events. You know this film? This forum makes part of a specific association of scientists or professional investigators? Personally I have felt a lot to speak about this Jhoon Titor personally me seems obvious that the history can interest because fascinating to think a traveller of the time. But personally creed that through a computer cannot be known the true identity of one person. I still ask myself because that time you have not been decided to make encounter from the alive one with this jhoon titor and also would come natural to ask that.



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"Back to the Future" is only a movie. Time dimensional shifting (parallel worlds) takes real science, and as of yet, is only a theory. A theory is something that can change with experimental results done by science. So, actually no one can really know if John Titor is a Time Traveler or Not, until the science makes him either a Time Traveler or Not a Time Traveler. So, in the same sense, someone of this Time can also know personalities and perhaps state a course of action for the future due to the personalities involved. In Iran that would be the Religious Leaders and their stubborn attitude about their religion. (By the way the Papal Prophecies has the Vatican Attacked and the Pope verily escaping over the dead bodies of the Cardinals with a person rising to Power there at the Vatican being the Anti-Christ, instead of the Lord coming back.) Although I guess the future is about whether this World (this Planet) can attain a Peaceful future or it does end up destroying its self. But the question of real "Time Travel" by whomever wrote these threads claiming to be a real "Time Traveler" will take real science. Thus only a person can guess at the future anyway, or try to attain some control over the future to guide it to a more secure and free future. I guess that depends mainly on the Politicians and the Religious Attitudes of any Country and all three major Religions.


I do not know, for most people still have to work a job and collect a pay for such work.


I rather some days be on another Planet out in the Galaxy (Milky Way Galaxy) but I do think it takes something called "Time Travel" more than "Space Traveling".


But, I am stuck on this Planet, and in this inertial frame of reference given by forces that end up being in quantum physics.


Thus I can not form an opinion on whether this person is a real "Time Traveler" or not. The science is not there yet in the future, for today is now only the Present Time in which I live.



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>>>>fairies it leave of an organization?<<<<<<


I do not understand the question. But if it was some people from Celebration, FL. that made up the story then Darby at Anomalies.net is the one to talk to about.


>>>>>>you of where six of precise?<<<<<<


I do not understand the question, and I may not have any answers either.


>>>>>>you have never had way to speak personally with jhoon titor?<<<<<<<<


I did not speak to John Titor in person. I, though, was a person posting on one of the threads of John Titor, just as Darby, Pamela, and Rick also were people that posted on a thread or the threads (more than one thread) of John Titor. Darby and Rick are over at Anomalies.net and the "Sections and Forums" are over there at that website.


Anything else, and I am not a physicist or a scientist working or theorizing on "Time Travel".


And like John Titor stated, any action could have changed the future a little all ready, or else John Titor was not a "Time Traveler".


Simply put, I do not know and I could only guess about the future or John Titor even being a real "Time Traveler".


The Papal Prophecies is only something else I read on the Internet, and whether the current Pope is the last Pope at the Vatican because of the world situation to me is unknown. As I stated, the priests and maybe some other people think it is a hoax. But all that can be looked up on a Search Engine on the Internet -- like Google Search Engine.





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And even the scientists do not think they can create "Time Travel" as it is something they consider only to be in the far, far future.


Anyway, a story whether it is John Titor's (not his real name even) story or not is just a story, but that future can always change, and by some chance that John Titor is a real "Time Traveler" then anyone can surmise or guess somewhat if that future starts happening, and how to avoid being caught or in the middle of such a future. I just do not see a story changing my future at this moment on what I was or will be doing in the future.


I mean that when you are younger, you may be more concerned about what may happen, but again, it is only a guess and unless you are psychic than actually no one can predict the future.




Things may well change in the future to make what we all think of the future as being worse than what anyone wanted it to be, but again, if you already know that, then again, a person can do something about it or work around the parts of the future a person does not like.


Afterall, according to the John Titor's story, I right now think if it is happening then it seems to be happening slower than what John Titor posted and it still may not be anything that happens in this future. Remember according to him, he did come from a parallel universe, and all the egotisical trips of guessing the future may change the future. People have been wrong before, that is why we are all called "Humans". Probabilites can only conclude in the theory that a person either does nothing in the future except fret about the future, or life goes on, and the person is going to do what that person wanted to do within reason. However there are the psycho's on the Planet, and they will continue to be a concern about. Different religions also play a part in that role of continuing on, but nevertheless many many people throughout history have also done the same thing. Since long ago on a Planet right here called Earth, there must have been trillion and trillion of people that have already lived and died on this Planet.


Life is life.


I may not have any answers, but I still can just jump up and down about anything if I want to.


If there is music, other people may even consider it to be some kind of dancing, otherwise, I may just look funny, but then I may not care that I do look funny or speak funny or have something funny to say about living on Planet Earth.



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But some can be "Set in Stone" but as to the severity that is still unknown.




Same way with the theory of time travel and if there can be such a thing.




One thing is for sure:


Some people in this Country and on this Planet are not who they appear to be.


Angels and Demons not withstanding.



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And of course:


Time Distortion is not Gravity Distortion.


You see, some people in the USA think that their brains belong in a jar like Einstein's brain.


JT Theory is only theory, and all the negatives in the Universe, still does not make a positive result.


Dragging out the future -- did it make it worse, or do you think that it will become better as some political people think?


Sorry, I can not guess, but at this time, it seems that even smaller Countries are still doing what they want to do. Newer technologies?


Again, one more time for those who even read the darn thread in the first place:


Do we blow up the Universe far into the future, and call it the "Big Bang"?


Of course not, you say!




This world of humans because of Exact Uncertainty will never again feel threatened?


Might as well watch all the first eight seasons of StarGate - SG1! Even at that, sometimes, I think they are making more sense than this world is!


Because of quantum theory, you are demolecularized, and reconstructed 24,000 light years away.


Too bad, we just don't have that technology of the Ancients, and are Stuckies in this Inertial Frame of Reference.





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And it probably has been known to be what is called sometimes "The Hot Dog Attitude" of the male species on this Planet perhaps.


I prefer to sometimes think of it as just "Dogs"!




I am sure that some ladeis think the "Dogs" lead us into the future, and it is they (the male of the species) that do not really know anything, and especially at all about us ladies.



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This scenario could also be due to Titor being one of these Catholic or ex-Catholic radicals in this Nation. Don't get me started on that, because if they refuse to pay fines and show their abusive faces again, it may well be the last time, since it is considered with proof that they continue to be lying radicals in this Nation that I can prove.



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Get the John History alas Wikipedia Style:






"In his online postings, Titor claimed to be an American soldier from the year 2036, based in Tampa, Florida in Hillsborough County, who was assigned to a government time travel project. He was supposedly sent back to the winter of 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100 computer which he claimed was needed to "debug" various legacy computer programs in 2036. UNIX will have a timeout error in 2038 and many of the mainframe systems that ran a large part of the infrastructure were based on very old IBM computer code. The 5100 has the ability to easily translate between the old IBM code, APL, and BASIC programming languages [verification needed].


Titor had been selected for this mission specifically due to the fact his paternal grandfather was directly involved with the building and programming of the 5100, and of whom Titor had personal information due to the family tie. His grandfather was based in Rochester, Minnesota [this source's reliability may need verification].


Titor claimed he was making an unauthorised stopover in the year 2000 for 'personal reasons', which may have involved warning his family of impending disasters (Titor spoke of his family often and claimed one of his objectives in 2000 was to collect a family photo album believed lost during World War III) [dubious — see talk page]. Titor also claimed he had been, for a few months, trying to alert anyone that would listen to the possibility of a civil war in the United States that would begin with rising civil unrest in the year 2005 (or alternatively in some posts, 2004. However Titor did state that all-out civil war would not occur until 2008).


Titor also had an interest in unexplained mysteries, such as UFOs which from his time were still as yet unexplained, and that is what drew him to bulletin boards that discussed the paranormal and unexplained mysteries. Titor claimed he believed UFOs and alleged alien visitors may well be time travellers from much further into the future than his own time, and with much more accurate time machines than his own."


end quoted Wikipedia








LG Tech 2T 2012


The Anunaki, Enki, Atlantean S-M or Lumerian L-M Starship parked on the moon?





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