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Save Jericho


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I also enjoyed Jericho. I'm surprised you promote an apocolyptic vision of America that is so 'Titor' like.


Did you notice the nuclear explosions, civil war, 6 presidents versus Titor's 5?


I always thought Jericho was a thinly vieled story of Titor without the time travel.





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we already discuss Jericho here:




Ok Joe...Fight is not the answer!!!


Quoted Joe:


"2. You think "Dragon Ball Z" first, because it seems you don't have the foresight to see something else. When you see people training now and doing events such as birck breaking are those not parts of martial arts? So when a master tapes himself with the ability to punch steel and wood numerous times with no feeling this is not a display of power? I never said he held the star in his hand then went "STAR E HAR A HAA" and shot people with it, did I?"


Kame Hame Ha (かめはめ波, Kame Hame Ha?)






LG Tech 2T 2012


The Anunaki, Enki, Atlantean S-M or Lumerian L-M Starship parked on the moon?





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Yeah, I guess that this time it's cancelled for good. After CBS announced the slop - 2200 hrs - I figured that they weren't going to make an effort. Sci-Fi, an NBC property, promoted the show and ran Season 1 but CBS simply ran the show in its slot without any promotion.


By the way..."Nuts!" was for last year. This year if there's a move to get it back on somewhere it will be...


Rangers Lead The Way!



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