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It is just the way things are.


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Re: It is just the way things are. [re: Zeshua]


03/17/08 07:28 AM (


Zeshua has said elsewhere that everything she has predicted to us referred to events occurring between 2007 - 2009.




If an "All Out Middle East War" happens to break out in the next 21 months, this forum will suddenly become very popular, as the world turns here to find out what else this mystery woman predicted. Especially if it comes to "a very abrupt end".

It didn't happen the way you wanted it to happen so now you've changed the time period for you to get this correct. And if it doesn't happen in 2011 you'll change it to 2012, 2013, 2014...until you get it right.Notice I said you and not Zeshua. Zeshua is gone. Has been gone, Isn't coming back. You know that; I know that. But for you this has never been about Zeshua. It's about you in the same sense that the Titor Saga became a story about Pamela.


The real difference is that a lot of people were interested in the Titor Saga. No one is interested in Zeshua other than to crank you up - which is admittedly somewhat amusing.



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