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Time Travel is not nonsense


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Time Travel is Dangerous...


The thought of being able to change the future by visiting the past is interesting, but also dangerous.


If you went to the future, you would not be able to meet your future self, because when you left the past world, you dissapeared all together.


I realize that as Humans we have only taken up a small portion of time in existence as a whole.


However, as Humans, we are the most intelligent and advanced creatures on the planet, we evolve so rapidly that its hard for us to keep up with ourselves.


If we make it to the future, most of the work will be done by machines, and smart people will utilize they're brain power more than other muscles.


They are already working on interactive machines that are stimulated by signals in the brain.


That being said, if we establish ourselves in another galaxy, our childrens children will be aliens to our own civilization.


I think Michio Kaku had a great point in the fact that its our choice; to live in diplomacy or war, to destroy ourselves or flourish in fruition.


Machines have already reached nano status, and moores law makes the idea of invisible cameras from the future, very, very possible....


In the last 50 years, Computer Technology has advanced so much, and thats only what the government makes public.


The Idea of John Titor, to me as a whole is quite silly. I do not believe that we will be able to travel back in time within the next 20 years, but! and this is a big but, as technology in Machinery, as well as in Medicine Advances, we will be able to live far longer than the generations before us.


When Nano technology is able to suspend or increase the life span of polymers in our cells, we will find ourselves living well beyond 150 years.


Stress is a killer, and with the stress of death being further and further away, we will eventually begin to relax, and flourish in our minds.


If I was able to travel back in time and tell your great grandfather about going to the moon, or show him a color tv, or an Ipod, or a hand held computer. He would naturally assume I was ethier completely insane, or an alien from the future.


Look what we have done in a mere 100 years.


The Car.




Technological Law.


So much in so little time, and people have the audacity to tell me that Humans as a species; are dumb?


Its only the begining, but if we fail the plan, the plan will fail.


So lets get to work. [/color]



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You See the Future,


If you went to the future, you would not be able to meet your future self, because when you left the past world, you dissapeared all together.

You're posing a paradox that contradicts the statement.Sure, there is a scenario where you travel from "today" to some future date via a time machine and don't exist anywhere in between.


But your statement about the seeming impossibility of meeting yourself is too far reaching.


I think that we can agree that if you travel into the past you can meet yourself (if we assumme certain physical laws to be true - and we will assume that here).


If you can meet yourself in the past then "yourself" can also climb aboard your time travel gadget and return with you to your starting point ("yourself's" future). "Yourself" didn't exist anywhere in between the date that he climb into your gadget and the date that you arrived at.


Thus the paradox: You have a clear memory of events that transpired during your life including experiences during the time that "yourself" skipped over. And, of course, "yourself" traveled to his future and did indeed meet himself there.



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